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  1. Well good news bad news. Bad news first, apparently my google-fu isn't as good as I thought it once was. Thanks so much for finding that article. Good news is that I think that actually might have solved the issue. I can seem to re-create it. Thank you so much, the both of you. Will post back if I encounter the bug again.
  2. Thank-you so much for the quick reply, however this solution did not work. I've recently found that the glitch happens more frequent if I got straight to the another app without minimizing Affinity photo. It also happens more frequently when click on something within the app (such as a photo in google images or what have you).
  3. Using Windows 10 Cursor/pen glitch happens whenever I leave Affinity photo and access another application I'm using both the latest updated version of Affinity Photo and I've tried an older version (1.7.0 I believe). Whenever I am using the program and I access another application such as an internet browser, the brush tool stops being responsive.This only happens when I am using my drawing pad (Cintiq 16). The glitch stops me from making free-flowing lines and will only make a straight line from the point I touched the pen down (or clicked) to the point where I stopped. Images provided to help me explain this better.
  4. I would like to report that this is still a persisting issue that hasn't been resolved.
  5. I just double checked (and I apologize for not adding this in my previous post) and yes, using the space bar does recreate this problem. Also thanks for responding! -Chicken
  6. Dear Affinity Photo Customer Support (and anyone willing to help) I've been using Affinity photo for about a month now and I love it! Finally something powerful that I can afford while I study digital painting. I do have just one problem that I have encountered that really bothers me though. When painting and using the hand tool thats been bound to a physical button on my drawing tablet (that happens to be a T-12 Cybertablet from Adesso), the paint from the brush tool sticks to the canvas on the place I am touching even though the hand tool is being used. In short, when I have the brush equipped and I activate the hand tool I still leave marks. This is really bothersome as you can imagine since there are unwanted marks all over my studies. I am on a windows Laptop running Win10, 64-bit AsusTek, 16gb RAM. If someone could issue me a fix or lend a hand in any way I would appreciate it. - Thanks in advance Chicken
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