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  1. Are you using a non-default Display Zoom setting for iPadOS? I was experiencing this bug when mine was set to “More Space”. I’ve set it back to “Default” until it’s fixed.
  2. Agreed, would like this as well. Strange that it isn’t already added.
  3. I'm lucky that I'm working on a reasonably small in-house document so I've just set up a continuous tiff export of the artboards from Designer and linked Publisher to the exported files for now. Would definitely have to roll back if it was something larger or more important. I hope this gets patched as soon as possible.
  4. Just want to report that I am having the same issue as @deeland. Upon making changes to a linked Designer file, it ruins any Publisher frames that were referencing the Designer file (currently tested with Publisher/Designer 1.9 on MacOS).
  5. Haven’t really seen any keyboard additions yet. The touch gestures (1, 2, or 3 finger holds) help to replace some keyboard features, such as holding shift/cmd whilst transforming an object etc, but I don’t find them as easy to use whilst working fast.
  6. Hi, Thats a shame, but thank you for the response. I'll keep an eye out for future updates.
  7. Has anyone heard of any developments on this? I just can't work at the same speed on my iPad as I can on a desktop without better keyboard support (by a long way).
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