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  1. J'ai essayé, mais c'est une séquence additionnelle, et je dois changer de programme... j'attends :-)
  2. Well... I'd prefer to wait for the update and not being a beta tester.
  3. Would be nice, if the 6D Mark II would be supported, because I just bought this camera, and I only get a magenta image when importing the raw file. So when will this update be available?
  4. When manipulating RAW files and exporting them into JPEG, the EXIF data does not contain any clue, that the JPEG was created using Affinity Photo. Most other tools use the EXIF-Tag "Software" to identify, they were used (e.g. Photoshop, Windows Photo Editor, Lightroom etc.). Wouldn't this help to increase the degree of recognition of Affinity Photo?