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  1. My guess would be pCloud isn't going to do anything with the way they synchronize under the hood for software they said they don't recommend using. Hoping this doesn't fall too far into the cracks between two great pieces of software I enjoy. I would be perfectly happy if Affinity would be able to implement the proposed workaround where they save it out to another version of the file, if that's possible. Instead of OriginalFilename.afphoto it would save out OriginalFilename_backup1.afphoto. I've done some hobby-level coding, and even at that level I do understand that this might not be possible, and is often more complicated than it seems to implement changes. It's a long shot, but I would be so thankful if this or some other solution could be implemented!
  2. Yes, this has been quite frustrating to me too! I've lost a lot of work on several documents because of this. I am also working off pCloud. I've had the message above, as well as another dialog that looks slightly different. The message is "Save failed because access to the file was lost." I have 3 different computers I could be using depending on where I am accessing my project from. I like working off the cloud to reduce the possibility of manually syncing everything over when I'm done. I hope there's a resolution to this! I like Affinity Photo, but this is exactly what I need it for; using it on the cloud. Even if it would spit out a recovery file before it closes the document that I could use and the overwrite my original, that would be a great workaround for now! One time it did offer an auto-saved file, but I've had this happen a dozen plus times with no option, and I know it's been open more than 300 seconds. Thanks!

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