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  1. Hi Chris_K, Sorry for my late answer, I was on holidays, far from the Internet! Glad to see it works on your machine. There is hope then! For your information, I'm shooting in full RAW, not the sRAW or mRAW. Please find enclosed one of the RAWs I cannot open. Let me know if it is working well for you. Thanks. IMG_9396.CR2
  2. Dear all, I've purchased Affinity at the end of December '17 in order to work on my RAW files from my Canon EOS 80D. Since the beginning of January '18, I'm not able to open the RAW files anymore... Affinity just crashes everytime I'm trying to open this kind of files. I'm using the latest Affinity release and am working on Windows 10 Pro (version 1709) x64bits. Can someone help me? Thanks a lot. Regards, Slaz_Corp.

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