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  1. UPDATE: In case anyone is interested, couldn't get working, restore pc was last resort but all working now.
  2. Not when I install it on 2nd profile, when I switch to main profile it is already installed but neither main or 2nd profile will run it. If I then try and uninstall it and try to install it on main profile I then get the message about affinity MSI. Sounds a bit drastic but I haven't got time to mess about so might do a complete Windows install if I got time this weekend.
  3. removed comodo and Affinity Photo, tried to install again still no luck tried the Microsoft installer/uninstaller again, still same problem. Looks like there is a serious problem with my OS but I don't understand why Affinity Photo was working fine until I tried to update it.
  4. further update : Decided to see what would happen in a newly created administrator profile, installs fine, updates fine, uninstalls fine but it will not run (no error just don't open) While installed on the admin profile I then switched back and all the files are there but it will no run. removed and re-installed but got same error as in pic. Uninstalled it and went in to registry and removed everything Affinity related, restarted and tried to install again - same error Went back into administrator account and installed it to see if the registry editing did anything - no still don't run Tried pressing control while clicking on icon and running it - nothing Tried running as administrator - nothing Tired running in compatibility mode - nothing Switched back to normal profile and tried all the above - nothing Tried previous versions and get same error as in pic Tried the other fix where you rename the affinity\photo\1.0 folder to somthing else - still not installing As there was also another folder called 1.0(beta) I renamed that as well but that made no difference I've tried the microsoft install/uninstall troubleshooter and that says it can't identify the problem Tried installing .net framework but it says I've already got it installed Apart from doing a complete windows restore I am lost (and there is no way of knowing that will or will not fix it) I can't do a windows restore to a previous point as there is none Personally I'm not sure it is an affinity issue as it does install in a new profile but just don't run, this suggests a Microsoft issue. I'm lost without affinity, I can't go back to my Photoshop CS3 (probably a swear word here lol) and I'm not buying anything else, really don't want to use GIMP (another swear word!!) and my Sony RAW editor is rubbish So as you see, Affinity Photo does what I need it to do and does it well.
  5. Thank you for your reply, unfortunately it has not worked, affinity is not in the list of programs. Some people have said that .net framework can cause issues and that was in list, fixed it but now the tool says it cannot identify any issues.
  6. Unable to install as it says missing affinity.msi, as you can see there is a version there, I've removed it and put it back, uninstalled affinity photo and tried to re-install. This has been working fine since the beta and every other update has worked fine - help
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