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  1. click escape 2 times, that will get you out of the text tool completely.
  2. Also you can make changes on more than one object from the dock on the right side of display. Chose stroke tab, color tab.
  3. I don't know about the "converted" part, this is the way I got the file.
  4. Hi thanks Dan C, do you just go to file open? Ican open it in Illustrator cs 6 but things get moved around. I would like to work on it in AD.
  5. Has anyone been able to open fh9 files in AD (on a mac)?
  6. Edit > Defaults > Save this did not work. I guess this is something I can live with. The good news is I think Affinity Designer will work as a replacement for Illustrator. Thanks
  7. Hi toltec, thanks, sadly no it does not stick:(
  8. Hi, I am very new to Affinity Designer (Mac). How can I open a new document (or all documents) and have the color palette open to color swatches? As it is now it opens to Grayscale. I have opened some Illustrator CS5 files and they all opened very well.