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  1. Thanks Wikinger. I wasn't aware of XnView. I'll investigate further. I've got a smallish Lightroom catalogue but there are many hours vested in it so will probably stick with that as I'm on Lightroom 6 which is non subscription, just not being developed further. However XnView might be good to run in parallel to see how it compares.
  2. Hello. Ken Bird here. I'm Shropshire UK based, about half way up the Welsh / English border. At the moment I use DxO PhotoLab and Lightroom with the odd bit of Photoshop for non-standard editing. Not willing to go down the subscription route I'm looking to replace Photoshop with Affinity Photo. Hopefully a cataloguing alternative to Lightroom will become available in the not too distant future that will enable me to go Adobe subscription free. With Affinity Photo I did things a bit upside down by looking at the support first i.e the forum, some videos and buying the Workbook for Af
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