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    VectorWhiz got a reaction from Ben in Affinity Designer feature roadmap   
    To make a long story short; I dislike Adobe's subscription policies enough to live with the transient lack of features in AD, AP and Publisher. In addition I applaud Serif for working on a solid alternative, however difficult and time consuming that may be.
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    VectorWhiz reacted to GabrielM in Designer crashes and reports corrupt files   
    Hi both,
    Can you please navigate to %AppData%\Affinity\Designer\1.0 (Beta)\temp and delete any files you find inside this folder. 
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    VectorWhiz got a reaction from Tony ODD in Holy SKITXO's World (80s Theme)   
    Powerful image.
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    VectorWhiz got a reaction from Uncle Mez in Smarty Studio : Our Project (made with Affinity)   
    Your sense of graphical ethics keeps amazing me. The compositions, choice of palette and skill to make it work are excellent. Kudos!
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    VectorWhiz reacted to Milos Micatek in Typeface design (WIP)   
    Another time lapse video from my lettering work for Nanits Universe.  
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    VectorWhiz reacted to carl123 in Pagoda in Vietnam   
    Just one last attempt on this image. Used an overlay technique for the water/ripples and some cloning on the shore line

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    VectorWhiz reacted to MarcBr in Pagoda in Vietnam   
    This is what my result looks like now (I already uploaded it to Instagram).
    Nevertheless, I will be very happy for further hints on how to create a more realistic water because this will not be my last attempt

    Changes made:
    Replaced my displacement map with a water texture displacement map decreased exposure added some perlin noise and changed the masking of the shore again. @John Rostron I will have a look at this tutorial later for sure.
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    VectorWhiz reacted to carl123 in Pagoda in Vietnam   
    Loving the new sky with the birds.
    For the "water" you could try slightly darkening and blurring the lower half of the image to try and get rid of the kaleidoscope effect
    I tried a different approach (2nd image) to try to add a river but I still cant get the water ripples or the shoreline just right


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    VectorWhiz reacted to MarcBr in Pagoda in Vietnam   
    Hey folks,
    finished another edit of a photo from my trip through Vietnam.
    Still not sure what to think about the "water" and its shore...
    What's your opinion about it - does it look too unnatural? I was trying keep no straight shore line...

    Edited in Affinity Photo

    Cheers, Marc
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    VectorWhiz reacted to Kasper-V in A tiger   
    I'm working through the AD Workbook, and the first example seemed a little too easy for an old hand (or do I mean know-all?) like me, so I decided to try something a little more ambitious. So I did a tiger. It wasn't bad, but I thought I could do better ... so I did another one. Here it is ...

    This is reduced to about 70% of the original size. In the book, Ben The Illustrator says he often works from videos rather than still photos, so I looked out one or two videos on the internet. This image is made from two stills, as the real thing didn't look exciting enough! I made vector shapes on separate layers of: the body and nearer legs; the tail; the head; the further legs; and the stripes -- the stripes I clipped to their layers so i didn't have to fiddle about with the edges. I saved that as an AD file, then as an  AP file, which I then edited with some motion and radial blur to give a sense of movement. As I went along, I duplicated some of the layers and rasterised them, so I could add some shading and clip them. Finally, I made up a background from a couple of texture images, and added a shadow underneath the animal.
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    VectorWhiz reacted to Dazmondo77 in Skull painted with vector brushes   
    No work on at the moment so decided to have a play with designers vector watercolour brushes 

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    VectorWhiz got a reaction from John Rostron in Applying an Astronomical process to a terrestrial Image   
    HDR has a wealth of enticing functions that make it difficult to stop (editing). It's all a matter of preference, but artists can take it anywhere. That is the brilliance but also potential pitfall of advanced graphic programs. In this case, I like what you did; the result is appealing.
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    VectorWhiz got a reaction from mado46 in tekst   
    Typography is a specialist trade. Mind the kerning. The visual space between the I, N and E for instance, is tiny compared to that between the L and the I. If you even that out (more space between the I, N and E that is) it would be easier on the eye.
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    VectorWhiz got a reaction from grargemeister in New to Affinity   
    Keep going. You've found the best graphic software at the best price around.
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    VectorWhiz reacted to wigglepixel in Im new here :)   
    I can tell you're working on Windows
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    VectorWhiz reacted to Lovemonkey in Posing daughter   
    I asked my daughter if she would pose for me while testing out the various settings on my camera.
    Thanks to affinity photo I went from this 
    To this

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    VectorWhiz reacted to John Rostron in Applying an Astronomical process to a terrestrial Image   
    In a recent posting in the Questions forum, @SAW asked about translating a Photoshop algorithm for astronomical photos into Affinity procedures. I was able to suggest a suitable translation. I did wonder what the effect of this algorithm would be on an non-astronomical image. I had a photo of a stained-glass church window (a HDR merge of three exposures). This had an interesting effect since the picture on the window shone through onto the wall at the side.
    Briefly, the procedure was to duplicate the image and blend the top layed using Luminosity, then, in the lower layer, add two adjustment layers to increase the spread of pixel values (Levels) and increase the saturation (HSL). Here are the results, before and after.
    There is not a great deal of change in the window itself, but the image projected onto the side-wall has had an interesting makeover.
    The details of the algorithm are in the posting mentioned earlier.
    The window itself is the East Window of the Church of St James the Less, in Hadleigh, Essex.
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    VectorWhiz reacted to grargemeister in New to Affinity   
    Hi everyone,
    I'm relatively new to Affinity Designer and Graphic Illustration as a whole.  I've been interested in graphic design for some years and have recently decided to give it a go and I have to admit, this software has given me a second wind for harking back to my art days.
    This last week I've been toying around with flat vectors and trying to develop a style of my own. I've created this new thing called "Char-EGG-ters" where by I draw famous characters/people in the form of eggs.
    I'd really appreciate any feedback about it.

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    VectorWhiz reacted to bodobe in Full Heart   
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    VectorWhiz got a reaction from Pattou in Photo - Nature Design   
    Brilliant work, great skill!
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    VectorWhiz reacted to Pattou in Photo - Nature Design   
    To change a bit, some flowers... I had fun with these ones : from raw/nef (quite flat with horrible background) to adjustments in Develop and Photo Personas (I hope I did not already post the inflorescence, I could not find it herein). The 3rd is a close-up of the second. Amazing flowers

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    VectorWhiz reacted to Pattou in Photo - Nature Design   
    It has been a long time since my last post...
    I had a bit of time to "play" : I try to strengthen the texture/forms/colors in APh.

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    VectorWhiz reacted to MrDuffy in Working with Affinity Designer   
    I thought I would share my first Affinity Designer project here after the staff were so helpful with a few issues I had... 
    I work for a school and we needed to put together a plan for a playground development idea we had, knowing that my prefered software Illustrator was out our budget I opted for Affinity Designer. I had to approach things slightly differently but I am now more than happy using AD for any project that will require vector artwork at work.
    The software was easy to get to grips with, the staff on this forum have been very helpful too (thanks guys and girls ).
    Below are the development plans we created with Affinity...

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    VectorWhiz got a reaction from LovesToDraw408 in General Photography - Edited on Photo   
    AP's HDR function is so powerful that you can make a city view look like the tiny Faller houses. Reality beyond reality.
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    VectorWhiz reacted to Milos Micatek in Typeface design (WIP)   
    Work on the new font continues - 2nd weight, diacritics added.

    Btw, is there any possible way to get the split view by horizontal line (not vertical)?