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  1. Something different from what I usually do in Affinity Designer. Background is transparent for possible T-shirt print. More info about this image in my portfolio blog: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2020/05/fire-fish-graphic-vector-drawing.html
  2. Vector portrait of Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut in 'Breaking Bad.' Still a work in progress at this stage (May 14 2020). Update sequence in my portfolio blog: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2020/05/vector-portrait-of-mike-ehrmantraut.html
  3. @VectorVon Doom: First, this is an ongoing project; there still is a lot of work to be done. Below is the reference image that I used, which is a drawing itself. Not a particularly good one in my opinion - it is jagged and blurry and has perspective errors, but I think it is a dynamic view, which angle brings out the characteristics of the car quite well, especially the beautifully designed front end of the vehicle. Probably because the image shows some sort of a mild wide angle lens effect. In order to make it look more realistic, I had to take a peek at many other photographs I found on the web. Combining aspects from different sources is always a tricky business since lighting, colouring, shadows and reflections are dissimilar, so that resulted in a lot of trial and error (which still hasn't come to an end). As always I work on several projects at one time to distance myself from them and pick up things later with a fresh look on matters. It is a time consuming approach, but for this one I am not in a hurry, because I intend to add it to my portfolio (it is not an assignment).
  4. @ salaivv: Thanks for the comment. There is now a vector outline view in my portfolio blog: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2020/04/renault-alpine-a110-vector-drawing.html As stated in this blog the 3D parts (wheels and tires) will be traced manually so that the image is 100% vector which makes it re-scalable to any size without loss of quality. I plan to make a poster once finished and giclee prints. @Claus Causalis: Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.
  5. Alloy wheels changed, tires added. Wireframe will be in my blog when detailing is done. Update sequence and info in my portfolio blog: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2020/04/renault-alpine-a110-vector-drawing.html
  6. Update April 10 2020 11:00 hrs, stage 17. Update sequence and info in my portfolio blog: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2020/04/renault-alpine-a110-vector-drawing.html
  7. My all time favorite car drawn in Affinity Designer. It is a work in progress and a lot still has to be done, but this stage already shows where I am heading for. Update sequence and info in my portfolio blog: https://communicats.blogspot.com/2020/04/renault-alpine-a110-vector-drawing.html
  8. It's not just the initial drawing that can be done way faster in AD, but adjusting things afterwards - compared to mesh-fill techniques - takes significantly less time than in AI or CorelDRAW. And when re-scaled to a (much) larger size, the techniques available in AD result in sharper images as well, because mesh-fill is basically a translation of pixel art into vector objects. Some time ago I would have liked AD to have mesh-fill capability, but after fiddling around with object blurring, gradient colouring and transparency and the fx functions, I do not miss it at all. One thing that may be useful to create projects even faster than is the case already now, would be the possibility to feather shapes and strokes, because blurring also affects the transparency of objects, which feathering doesn't.
  9. Great artwork. Organic shapes require a lot of tedious and time consuming tinkering, which is visible even without the vector outline view. AD allows to create very complex and realistic art, that is much more difficult to do in the programs of the competition. I've worked with those both professionally and privately for decades and I estimate working with AD saves artists about 1/3 of the time. And thanks again for the great brushes.
  10. @ Gabe, Can I transmit the document so that it reaches you exclusively?
  11. This did indeed allow me to save the file under a different name.
  12. Using Affinity Designer Beta i Windows 10. I get a similar message (report it to the developers) when opening a document made previously, edit it (in this case a slight Curves adjustment) and try to save it under a new name. I can export the changes, but not save it. I also get the following message when attempting to save it: In spite of the fact that AD reported the save under a different name failed, a file under the chosen name seems to be saved anyway in Explorer. When trying to open that I get this message:
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