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  1. ok thank you ! so i need to lock them as well and not just hide.
  2. Hi! i have a question regarding the difference between locking layers and hiding them. I currently have a lot of layers in my project and I was wondering if i clicked off /hid a few of them and locked some others, will they both be safe from being moved around while im working on a particular layer?
  3. HappyGirl

    Cut a Path

    i came here from google search on how to separate two stone pillars that were drawn together and i needed to cut them apart... whew! thanks for this!! its very confusing without an obvious took for cutting paths.
  4. Hi Gary, i used this ancient free font manager called Font Frenzy. i tried Font Base and i didnt really know how to use it i guess.. i just needed to be able to click something to reduce all the fonts back to just system fonts ( after saving what i needed in a separate folder for fonts in my documents folder ) On Font Frenzy, i clicked Defrenzy and it did the job right away! I really hope this helps somehow. I know how frustrating it is to not be able to do your work! http://download.cnet.com/FontFrenzy/3000-2316_4-10302029.html
  5. Haha slip of the keyboard! now i know a new German word! I must have missed your suggestion for the font check. I will look into those font managers thank you! The lag is probably still going to be there, hopefully it will be resolved as well for Gary too!
  6. Mark, YOU WERE RIGHT!!! after i deleted hundreds of fonts , AD started super fast!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
  7. So sorry to butt in again.. just wanted to say , someone suggested on a post id made earlier that the fonts might be causing the delay in start up so i got rid of all fonts except for system fonts and im not kidding...AD started within a few seconds of opening it! i tried opening and closing several times and its still opening fast! omg.. I hope this helps somehow, Gary. My DirectX settings are also exactly like yours...graphics card is also up to date! Now i hope this computer continues being wellk behaved!!
  8. Hi Mark, thank you, i shall check the fonts folder!
  9. Hi guys thanks, i jumped on this topic because its also exactly my problem haha ! i didnt mean any disrespect to Gary's posting. I have to keep checking my computer issues. It's probably the huge file im working on, Its taking up 36% of the CPU right now with the file FINALLY open, ( its a 110 mb file ) so that's what the lag is about maybe! ill keep working on my project and hope it goes through til im done and its submitted safe and sound . I really appreciate all the time and effort that everyone has put in to help me! bye for now
  10. thanks so much Gary i will get off this thread. I apologize for hijacking this.. really very sorry! i hope your problem is resolved very soon! thanks for all your help!
  11. Thanks ChristAlix i made the settings exactly the way you had it. Mine was already on " Nearest Neighbor" but i changed the others to mirror yours. Alfred - I usually go to the exe file in the Program Files and right click " start as administrator" or " start with graphics card" etc etc when it wont start just by the task bar button that i have... ive tried opening with the .afdesign doument as well.. all of them take forever oh now its got the black square behind the splash screen logo when i clicked to restart it after making those settings... sigh...
  12. Im still waiting for the program to load...for the past 15 mins ... funny.. it loaded in 5 mins when i tried earlier this morning!..
  13. ok thanks for letting me know about the dpi! , im not sure if they are going to enlarge it even more, i will check with them.
  14. Thanks Gary, Im not importing anything until this project is done! I do have a few layers where i used the Pixel Persona section with raster brushes to paint the shadow under the window sills.. but nothing else... at the end of the program i think i may go back in and delete them and do the shadows in vector. So can i do full digital paintings in the Pixel persona? like how digital artists paint in Photoshop? I personally use Krita and i love it but i just wanted to know about painting in AD