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    Train logo design

    i think the smiley faces ruin the logo. Better to have a engineer poping out of the window, smiling and waving....
  2. Bigmanfrank

    Really Need publisher

    No to Quark, No to Adobe, Yes to Affinity!
  3. Here is what i did from scratch... tshirt_PNG5435 - Copy.afphoto
  4. Bigmanfrank

    Affinity Publisher

    Ouch, Need Mail Merge despartly. I was hoping APub to be a replacement of PP9x. I work for a Mass Mail Data/Print Marketing Co. and use PP9x for mailings, labels, and other things that i cant stand working in MS WORD with. However, APub/PP9x needs a few things that WORD's Mailings has: Rules (Next Record, Next Record IF, Skip Record IF, Ask, IF..then...ELSE, Fill in,ect...) Save Selected Criterias to Document (WORD does, PP9x doesnt. Alwasy have to re-select my sort criteria and database to use everytime the document is loaded) So please, add mail merge/database sooner than later!