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    Isometric 'Tool Set'?

    Would be great to have that tools! I agree
  2. Hi, would be great to have the statistics of the document: - Hours worked on it. - Number of layer. - Size of .affinity file. - Number of objects. Regards!
  3. I say illustration but it don't illustrate an article yet, I am sorry for the miss-explaining. It is only based in a picture of me . Thanks Jules!
  4. Hi, One of my latest illustration, a self-portrait. Any feedback will be appreciated :). Regards.
  5. MikelMats

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi people! I am Juan Miguel, I am an computer developer also interested in photography, illustration and drawing. I am based in Madrid (Spain). Related to affinity, I use a lot affinity Designer on iPad pro. Also on Mac. Y use also Affinity photo on Mac and ipad sometimes. Regards.