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  1. @DM1 Hmm Beta IOS. I’ve used Affinity since last year and twice since then I have reinstalled due to the issues mentioned. Anyway I don’t have another device to test with the latest Gold build of IOS. iPad Pro 9.7 is the one I am using. I see. That’s what I missed I didn’t force close the other apps. Yeah that white screen. That drove me crazy. LOL It was just a bit frustrating I was not able to submit my Super blue blood moon shot because of the issues. @Sean P I have the 9.7 iPad Pro. Can you please tell me what is the issue with the memory? 1. I have not touched that settings except for snapping 2. I am not able to recreate the issue since I have reinstalled the app and I’m quite happy working on it again. Thank you both for the answers I’ll take note of what I learned here.
  2. Ok. I have many problems with the iPad version of affinity lately. - I am unable to place a photo whether from camera roll or iCloud. - The adjustment bars for the cropping tool disappeared. I have to exit and restart. - It crashes whenever I’m doing 12 raw merge. - It crashes whenever I’m doing 3 panorama. - This is the worst! I am unable to select, crop, rotate. This happened after the crashes. Force closing the app and restarting did not help. This is the second time I have to reinstall the app due to this. I’m using the first gen iPad Pro, IOS 11.3