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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Maybe the result from copying it from the Parallels Image to the "real" Mac Drive. However, it did only affect this folder.
  2. Hi @EmT, Please, find the file attached. However, I have an update for most of the files. Maybe the problem comes from the fact that the affected folder was previously stored as part of my virtual machine (Parallels) on my Mac which was running Windows. Later, I copied the folder directly to the Mac. But other files of this folder are fine. Regarding your questions: 1. I am using macOS Monterey 12.4. I usually update the OS and applications as soon as possible. 2. I am not sure which version the file was saved with. However, it was an officially released version. Pretty sure the one which was the latest version at that time. November 2020. 3. Local disc on my MacBook Pro in an iCloud folder, however, this folder is not synced. Therefore the folder name has the extension .nosync 4. The attached file is not the only one which is affected. All files in that directory cannot be opened. If I copy the file to another location it still cannot be opened. Files in other directories are not affected. I also tried on my second Mac to open the files without success EmbeddedPlatformLogo Kopie.afdesign
  3. I have several files, I created last year with Affinity Designer and today I wanted to open them and received the following error message.
  4. Hey Walt, thanks a lot! Selecting it from the drop down solved the problem!
  5. I have to rise this question again. I am using Publisher on Intel Mac (Monterey). If I use Helvetica or Arial, superscript does not work. I have not tried other fonts. However, the same fonts can be put in superscript in Word with ease. Does anybody have an idea what the source of the problem is.
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