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  1. The most underrated comment ever written on a forum! Ha! That is gold.
  2. Thanks for the edit... I was wondering what Boolean was! That's perfect, I just selected all and chose combine in the Geometry menu, then clipped to the original image and worked a treat, thank you so much. That's the most complicated image so the rest will be a piece of cake. \ I had my money down that you'd be the first to reply too, you helped me previously in record time! Affinity Ninja
  3. Hello, I need to remove the backgrounds of around 100 images like this... I can draw the path and insert the image into the path easy enough, but I can't figure out how to add extra paths to remove the background from the holes. I've done a few using pixel mode and the {W} tool which is OK, but I'm sure there is a simple way to do this with the Pen tool to give sharper edges? I see that I can't convert a path to a selection yet as that would seemingly solve the problem. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Super tip thank you for sharing this @giantlobsterprd I wonder if there is a way to set "scale with object" to be applied automatically? I found out the hard way on my very first vector which needed to be scaled down for a business card... had to change all the curves one by one!
  5. Ah that's amazing, thank you so much so for the speedy response! I've just used them to re-draw a someones logo which I drew on CS6... but as I lost that program with my old iMac I thought it better to bite the bullet to learn the vectors. Getting a bit quicker with it now! Cheers
  6. Hello! This is my first post and I've just downloaded your brushes. They are absolutely superb, I needed the charcoal one for a book illustration and it's worth the price alone just for the charcoal ones. I'm quite new/very new to vectors (embarrassing as I've been designing for a while) I hope you could help. When the vector brush is slightly opaque and I fill the shape, it goes to the middle of the stroke. Is there a way for the fill to only go to the inner edge of the stroke? Many thanks! Mark. Not Mike.
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