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  1. Could it have anything to do with Windows being at 1.6.5 and Mac still being 1.6.3? Maybe there was an inadvertent change? I just created a random file though in Win 10 on 1.6.5 and opened it in 1.6.1 on my Mac without issue though.
  2. Chiyonosake013

    Sync Font/Typefaces for Designer

    My hero! I hadn't noticed that. That was incredibly helpful. Thank you very much!
  3. Hello there. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature request? Just downloaded the Designer app for my iPad Pro. Super excited to play with it more, but the very first project that I opened from the cloud I had a font that I'd used on my Mac that isn't on the iPad. So when I opened the file, it defaulted to a supported typeface and every bit of the spacing is completely thrown off. Is there an easy way to fix this or to sync the font used in the desktop version?
  4. I know that being able to get digital copies of the Photo and Designer Workbooks is all the rage right now. Mostly as in rage at not being able to do it. However, I understand Serif's worry about the book being pirated and spread illegally after they put the time and effort in to it. That being said, they have also put a lot of time and effort into the software as well. So what if, along with brush packs and filters, we were able to purchase a license for the a digital copy of the workbooks but not in the traditional manner of thinking. What if it were built into the software so that it wasn't an easily pirateable format? Have a new window that is called "Tutorials" or "Workbooks" or something like that and that window houses each of the projects and instructions that are included in the workbook. We could also build community tutorials as well that could be added into the same window. Maybe have a "fleshing out" period for the community submitted ones, where others in the community or even Serif staff could be Beta testers for the tutorial, and if the merit is seen in the tutorial and it's not just a steaming pile.... then it gets added in as well. Then not only would those demanding digital versions of the workbook be happy, but then even more information could be had by all and it would make it that much easier for the program to spread to new users. Not to mention, if the book was built in to the software like that, then it could get incremental updates with the software as new features or functions become available What are your thoughts?
  5. Chiyonosake013

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    I'm incredibly torn on this subject and I can see it from both points of view. I can see why they would be worried about losing out on sales due to people sharing the book digitally without buying multiple copies. Be that piracy or 'helping a friend out' or whatever the case may be. However, I think they are missing out on potentially more sales due to the fact that it isn't available digitally. I did buy a copy of the Designer Workbook, and it is very nice and I'm happy to support the company as much as I am able. However... lugging that around is a bit of a pain in the arse along with my Macbook. I do think, however, that there is a happy medium for everybody. They already have their video tutorials as well as the ability to download samples of other peoples public artwork. I think that could be revamped/updated in such a way as to have the workbook built into an easily update-able tutorial. If it were built in, even at an extra cost, then it could be updated incrementally along with the software. Then you don't have it being available to the masses and easily copy-able. Build it into its own panel, allow that panel to be popped off to the side and go through the workbook alongside your art instead of having to balance a book while hoping it stays open to the proper page. OR just have a one-time use license in the copies of the hardbound books that enable that feature. Then we still get the nice keyboard shortcut pages as well as a digital format that's more portable. So maybe we can come together as a community and make something like that happen. Build the support for the program up and help it grow while making life easier on us as well. Just my own thoughts on it.
  6. Hey there, not sure if this is the place, but going through the workbook and I noticed this. I did search the forums and didn't see it pointed out anywhere else soooo figured I'd share in case you wanted it fixed in future printings... In section five we create the Fisherman. On the introductory page as well as the full spread on 300 his fresh catch is missing its legs. But on page 299 it shows the fisherman's catch as clearly having legs. and we create them in the lesson. Not sure if an unfinished was deliberately used, or just an oopsy.