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  1. Excellent post, thank you....!!! That video is most helpful, and I'm grasping the content a little better now. Gonna take more study and trial to put the new HSL panel to use, and I'm well on the way. Thanks again...!
  2. I'm at a loss in trying to grasp how the new HSL Color Wheel Nodes affect image colors in the newest Beta. The new Help file states: Using the Channel nodes When adjusting the range of an individual color set, you can: Drag on an individual node to reposition it around the color circle. Drag on the inside or outside of the radial ring near nodes to reposition multiple nodes. Drag on the inside or outside of the radial ring away from nodes to reposition them manually one by one. Unfortunately there are no pictorial examples to
  3. Yes indeed..... That was the problem, adjustment layer was not selected..... Thanks again, Mark
  4. Ah, that makes perfect sense......will check that and report back. Funny, I never made that mistake prior to the newest beta, I must be getting old.... Thanks again, Mark
  5. Thanks for your reply. I'm not referring to pixel selection, but rather a method of masking the layer in question. Before the new beta, Layer>Invert would apply a mask to the active layer, so that you could paint back in your layer at will. In the new beta, Layer>Invert makes a color negative of the layer by inverting the layer's colors. Not the same function as before. Thanks again, Mark
  6. Clicking "Invert" in the Layer menu inverts the selected layer's colors, making a negative of the layer, instead of masking the layer in preparation for selectively painting the layer back on. Is this a new function for Invert, or is this a bug?
  7. I am still having trouble with my HP student model laptop freezing up when using the Smudge tool brushes in Affinity Photo and Affinty Photo Beta, the latest releases of each. The computer, unless using a smaller sized basic brush, chosen from the Basic brushes panel, will stop painting on the canvas, and the cursor will not change from brush to pointer when taken off the canvas and put over onto menu icons. The cursor will return to normal when taken off the Affinity window entirely and put onto any other window or icon, but within the Affinity window, the cursor changes to a brush
  8. Hi, Chris, No worries about the delay, we all are busy folks, for sure. RE: Layer, there is only one layer in the images I am trying to paint. RE: Image type.....This morning I found I could paint only on a jpg, not an .af image which I had converted from RAW. The sequence was: opened a RAW image of an apple, made some RAW edits and committed to Develop. Next, attempted to paint on the resulting image in Photo Persona which had just transferred over from Develp Persona. Unable to paint on this image, which at this point was shown as a CR2. Next, saved that CR2
  9. Apparently I inadvertently double-posted this thread. Sorry about that...! I'm really hoping to find some answers here to the problem I asked about earlier. Thanks in advance, Mark
  10. On my laptop, the Smudge Brush tool and Paint Mixer Brush tool are severely laggy, to the point of freezing the computer. These two tools also only work for just a few brush strokes before they quit laying down paint altogether. Also, when the Brushes Panel is active while attempting to use the above tools, the no other panels (colors, layers, etc) are useable unless and until the Brushes panel is closed. Any help with this would be appreciated, as I was hoping to do some creative painting in Affinity Photo. Thanks..!!
  11. On the top menu bar, go to "Layer", then scroll down to "Duplicate". Then, in the Layers panel, you can now see that you have created a duplicate layer on which/with which to do all the non-destructive editing you may wish. You can repeat this duplicate layer process as many times as you wish. Hope this helps...!!
  12. Cool....Thanks for the explanation. It turns out I just did not process the dates correctly in my feeble brain, when I saw the two postings about the beta and the subsequent full release. Thanks again..!!
  13. Okay, now I see..... The announcement for the Beta is dated March 2, the announcement for the new release is dated March 6.... Me understands now, me thanks you....!!
  14. I am confused about version numbers and beta release. I saw another thread in this forum concerning a new Customer Beta version of Affinity Photo, and I had already downloaded and installed what I thought was the newest updated version, to which I was alerted from within the program. Then, I stumbled upon this thread about a Customer Beta version of Affinity Photo, so now I'm confused. Are beta releases and full update releases named with the same numbers? Any clarification would be great, and thanks in advance...!!
  15. Beautiful..... Love the shallow depth of field, the sharpness and the colors.
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