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  1. Just in case. 1.7 fixed all the issues.
  2. The other device has Slovak as well but works flawlessly. No problems there. I have the same stuff on both devices. But the differences are just Omen center and HP drivers. I will provide screenshots eventually.
  3. Tested it now, its the HP laptop. Weird but happens only there...
  4. Maybe its problem related to HP laptops. Since that is what we both use. I will try it on my computer.
  5. Never found another font that would break. I don't know what's up because my friend tried it as well. And it broke the same way. With my files and with his as well. Maybe it will resolve itself with 1.7 As for this project I had to use a different font.
  6. This is what I got using the files you provided and default PDF for export setting in export persona. 2019_05_24-09_02.afdesign2019_05_24-09_02.pdf
  7. Tried it again restarted 3 times. Turned off laptop for a few minutes. Still broken. My friend from the same country has the same problem when exporting my files. I have no clue why is that. Attaching all the things I could so you can try as well... background.afdesign background.pdf OVERPASS-EXTRABOLD-ITALIC.OTFOVERPASS-EXTRALIGHT-ITALIC.OTFOVERPASS-HEAVY-ITALIC.OTFOVERPASS-BOLD.OTFOVERPASS-BOLD-ITALIC.OTFOVERPASS-ITALIC.OTFOVERPASS-LIGHT-ITALIC.OTFOVERPASS-SEMIBOLD.OTFOVERPASS-THIN-ITALIC.OTFOVERPASS-EXTRABOLD.OTFOVERPASS-EXTRALIGHT.OTFOVERPASS-HEAVY.OTFOVERPAS
  8. Did that like 3 times already. Downloaded a new one. Tried it all... maybe it has to do something with my system language being set to Slovak?
  9. I know why it worked. Try using Regular or Light. Those break. the bold ones don't.
  10. the font you attached works for me. interesting
  11. I have the font from the website. The exact same one.
  12. Sorry it took so long. background.pdf background.afdesign
  13. I will send you the files and the font I have installed once I get home.
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