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  1. Hi Stokerg, That's a perfect solution - I've tested this on multiple objects and all gradients update if I edit the global colours. You can take the next two days off! Permission to gush" Having spent twenty plus years using Adobe products - ending on CS6 - I congratulate you and the Affinity crew for creating such fantastic products. The apps are great, the books are great - even the T-shirt is quality! Please go and make more things for me to buy. Thanks, KBD
  2. I don't know if this is operator error, a bug or never coded, but for my workflow, I'd like to be able to have a saved Global gradient linked to Global colours in Affinity Designer 1.7.3 (and Photo and Publisher). I can create a gradient using Global colours and thereafter update the global colours and observe the gradient colours change too, however, if I save the gradient and apply to another object, the link to the global colours appears to be broken (I note there is no Save as Global option for Gradients) The only way I can create a document with multiple objects sharing the same gradient colours is to make each gradient individually and link the stops to my chosen global colours (and not SAVE as a gradient for application on another object). This works but it is a tedious process.
  3. Hi, I just want to say I'm completely bowled over by Publisher and the integration with Designer and Photo. This is a fantastic application - my congratulations to the entire team and I wish you more success (>2,000,000).
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