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  1. swirler

    Macro issue when opening from library

    Just realized that the macro works fine when using the MacBook Pro trackpad Could be an issue with magic mouse? I am using two different magic mouse with both mac's by the way...
  2. swirler

    Macro issue when opening from library

    Here is one example of a macro with frequency separation layers which doesn't launch properly. Retouch.afmacros
  3. swirler

    Macro issue when opening from library

    Hello Meb, On my iMac I‘m using a magic mouse and a wacom bamboo pen tablet. On my MacBook Pro 13“ I‘m using a magic mouse only.
  4. Hi, I’m trying to use some macros that I’ve created in AP but when I launch them from library window, it won’t start until I click on the macro several times, but the problem is that then AP applies 2 or 3 times the macro. It doesnt matter if the background layer is selected or not. Also tried with beta of AP but same issue is still present. The only way to make macros work is right click, select “edit macro” and then play it from macro window. Then it works. No matter the complexity of the macro, all custom macros have the same issue. Finally I’ve noticed that free macros pack from Affinity, doesn’t habe that issue. I was wondering if it’s my fault while recording a macro, but after looking tutorials and reading a lot of information I can’t figure out why is it happening. Hope anyone knows a solution. Thanks! PS: Using with MacBook Pro 13” late 2011 and iMac 27” late 2011 with High Sierra installed.

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