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  1. So if I export a project as a PNG, does that PNG file contain any metadata about the author? That is, metadata. For the more technically oriented, do exported PNGs contain author data stored in the PNG in tEXt, zEXt, or iTXt chunks, to use terminology from libpng It's my desire that it doesn't, but I'm sure someone can confirm for me. I could probably check with some PNG examination tool but I'd prefer an answer from the source about Affinity Designer's PNG export behaviour. Lovin' this tool called Affinity Designer btw. Thanks
  2. timetrialler

    Cannot resize document

    Ok, I figured it out. I can select the artboard by clicking on the name label that sits atop the artboard. I did not know this. Now I know, and can the artboard by dragging its corners. Thanks everyone
  3. I cannot seem to resize a particular document that I have spent a few hours working on. My solution is to create a new document and paste all the elements from the old one. When I go to File => Document Setup, I see that under the Dimensions section, the "Type", "Page Preset", "Dimensions", "Objects will: " and "Resample" controls are disabled (i.e. darkened and uneditable). I cannot seem to figure out why this is so. I tried restarting Designer and re-opening the document and it still is this way. Did I lock the document somehow? I am using the 10 day trial version but I still have some days left in the trial. Designer is great BTW and I want to buy a license at the end of the trial, but for now I need to be able to resize the document. Any help would be appreciated.