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  1. alfeze

    Grid mesh distortion

    would this let me have something like lots of linked squares then apply a distortion grid that I can manipulate to get the boxes to grow and shrunk but pull or push the ones next to each other ? like scales on dragon hide e.g.
  2. Thank you meb, yep now it works only after another accidental application o black;-) thanks for the super fast response.
  3. I have placed an image on a doc . I am using a Surface Book. I then toggle the quick mask. Choose the paintbrush tool. And try and paint over the area that I want in my mask either using my finger or the pen, but nothing happens? I tried changing the pixel sixe and zooming right in but still nothing. Anyone any thoughts?. I have been able to cate other sorts of selections and masks just don't seem to be able to use the quick mask in the same way as the tutorial says. Many thanks
  4. I have a surface book as well , most of the time I prefer to use the on screen keyboard and the pen. So am also finding it tricky because there is no mouse. I love affinity photo and my surface book, is there any way to marry the two?. I am new to af photo so there may be many things that I haven't tried yet. On a second note my pen and surface book have pressure sensitivity, is it possible for af photo brushes to use the pressure aspect when sketching and if so how? Can I also say how impressed I am with all the training videos. I have used many tools over the last 20 years, most seriously CorelDraw. But it's the first time that I've not just seen what tools do but whole combinations of what and how to do them as part of the free training. Probably haven't followed enough but anyway I am impressed... Now back to watching some more of them, :-) thanks