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  1. Forgive me from posting here as I am working off a Mac, but I don't see this topic listed on the Mac forum and I don't want to start a duplicate thread. Besides, I think this a software architecture problem that is common to both pc and Mac platforms. I am also seeing this error from time to time with files stored on iCloud; I work off a MacBook at work and at home and store my work stuff mostly on iCloud. I often leave work projects open on my laptop when I head home, and then continue working on things from home. To keep this workflow with Affinity Photo, I have to remember to save and close the photo project before I leave and then reopen it when I get home. Mostly, I remember to do this; if I don't, then I"m punished with losing any further work on the project that occurs at home up to the point I hit 'save'. This is obviously very frustrating, but since I save frequently (because I don't trust the software), damage tends to be minimal. Having said that, I think I understand the basic reason why this problem cannot be solved in an "end-user blind" fashion. Still, I think there ought to be solutions out there, such as this one (posted above)... "Maybe its possible to let the user "find" the file"... much as, for example, iTunes lets me find a missing library file. Alternatively, let Photo close as soon as the connection to the working directory (iCloud??) is broken, thus preventing any wasted effort to be invested on the remaining 'ghost' of a project file. All I can say is that network drives and cloud storage is a reality and affy photo will have to work well in that environment. Please find a way to keep me from continuing to work on a ghost file only to end up with a nonrecoverable error just when I am satisfied with my efforts and hit 'save'.
  2. I would like to bump this issue with respect to affinity photo 1.6.7 on my MacBook while using Apple iCloud. I started working on an image at home with the file stored in an iCloud folder and when it was time for me to go to work, I saved my work, simply closed my laptop, and headed in. Reopening my machine at work, I was able to work on the (still open) image for a while longer (as long as I wanted to as a matter of fact) but lost everything when I tried to save the file. Only later, upon executing a save, did Affinity Photo give me the aforementioned fatal error dialog (... access to the file was lost, the document must now be closed...). Since I had saved my file before leaving my home location, I only lost my efforts while at work, so I am not going to dump affinity photo for something else that doesn't exhibit this behavior at this point, but I don't like having to have this potential issue in the back of my mind ("crap, did I save before I came here??). I understand that there are significant technical challenges to avoiding this problem, but I should add that I do not have this issue with other software I use from day to day in which I store working copies of files at iCloud. Also, I must add that I have only had this problem with Affinity Photo a sum total of ONCE. But, this single event caused a serious enough loss of effort to elicit this post; I have not yet tried to reproduce it.