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  1. Yes! I would love IDML support! I've read rumors in the past this might happen, but would love feedback from someone more official on the matter. I'm currently not in any situation where I have to deliver INDD files, but it would be lovely to convert my ID files like I have my AI files - even if a little extra cleanup is involved, it's worth it. Designer can export to SVG - would be lovely if Publisher could export to IDML.
  2. In playing around in recreating a template I currently use in InDesign, I noticed there's no option to set up Text Styles to align the text towards/away from the spine. This would be a hugely helpful for setting layout for large multi-page documents!
  3. Even Adobe InDesign isn't word processing software. It's layout software. Affinity Publisher still has spellcheck - which Designer and Photo have as well - and several handy orphan features. It took Adobe forever to add their spellcheck feature to Illustrator. I'd say Affinity is still ahead of the game.
  4. Wasn't sure where to post this or if it's been addressed in newer publications, but I just noticed on Page 109 of the Designer Workbook a rather unfortunate text clipping. Each of the leading words in the bulleted text have their first 2-3 letters missing. I can still deduce what is meant, but I thought I should point it out. I have edition 1.0 (reprint).
  5. Oh yea, it's not an issue for the client. Some people aren't used to handing off Illustrator files to open in other programs. She assumed I got it because it was part of her AI file, but there were tons of items she had not put on an art board, so of course they did not come over. She only dabbles in these things, which is why she's paying me to finish things off. So it will be good for her to get in the habit of making sure all her stuff is part of an art board in the future. :-)
  6. Thanks so much! I thought it was something like that, but I wanted to confirm. I'll make sure clients know to have everything in an art board before they send it my way. Thanks again!
  7. Recently discovered that a file a client sent to me to work on had items NOT placed in an art board in Illustrator, which did not come over when I converted the file to Designer. Is this a bug? Is it an Adobe problem? Going forward, I can ask the client to make sure everything is in an art board before sending my way, but it would be nice to know on a long-term basis what the fix to the issue is so I don't unknowingly miss something in a future file.
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