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    jeffers reacted to GarryP in How do you choose colors to gradient from image or some other source?   
    In addition to the advice above, I’ve attached a quick video showing one way to pick colours from the image to use in a gradient fill.
    Note that I first select (or create) the gradient stop that I want to use, then drag the colour picker to the colour I want for that gradient stop, and then click on the colour picker ‘well’ to select that picked colour.
    It’s similar to PixelPest’s method above but using the Colour Panel instead of the pop-up (both are valid options, just choose the one you like using most).
    2021-05-06 09-21-41.mp4
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    jeffers reacted to juliankaye in create outline from silhouette.   
    Like what app? that's not helpful at all.
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    jeffers reacted to h_d in Suggestions for following along with Bob Ross tutorials   
    Some ideas (not a tutorial). Photo is definitely the right program to use for it.
    Start with a white fill layer and rasterise it. This will give you something akin to Bob's liquid white background.
    Use the Paint Mixer brush with different colours, sizes, shapes and strength settings. Experiment!
    Use muted colours - Bob paints with pigments, whereas Photo paints with light. Using the RYB setting for the Paint Mixer brush will help with blending.
    Auto Load Brush will also help. Clicking Clean Brush will make you feel like Bob whacking his brush on his bucket and spattering the film crew.
    The rest is just happy little accidents... and I'm not showing you mine 😆
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    jeffers reacted to qhl in How do I clone from one layer to another?   
    I have a similar problem - imagine this …
    A background layer of a landscape.
    A middle layer with a rendered 3D model of a building.
    A 'foreground' layer for any elements to bring 'forward' of the building - for example, a tree which would actually be in front of the building.
    How would I use the clone tool to clone the tree from the background to the foreground layer - while keeping the building layer visible so I can control the results.
    The options of 'Current Layer & Below' or 'Layers Beneath'  won't work as they would also clone the middle layer.
    Photoshop can clone from a specific layer to another - any way to do this in Affinity Photo?
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    jeffers got a reaction from Alfred in is it possible? crop a group   
    That works! I would never have thought of that though I was heading that way by trying to mask the group. Couldn't find anything in the help files but perhaps I was looking too hard around the crop tool. Many thanks as always.
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    jeffers got a reaction from Robert Hansford in Vintage Coloring System Demo/Tutorial !!   
    link no workie for me
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    jeffers got a reaction from Old Bruce in A Photo. where are my templates?   
    Ah......the usual mistake EXPORT and not save as.....got it now thanks
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    jeffers got a reaction from Callum in question ref Affinity Spotlight and Firefox   
    Ta - Dahhhhh......and there it is......well done for spotting that. Many thanks
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    jeffers got a reaction from Smee Again in Photo Restoration   
    I say you've done really good job and as I've played with various restoration photos I know how much time and patience it can take so award yourself a pat on the back!
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    jeffers reacted to Smee Again in Photo Restoration   
    Ran across a youtube video using the attached photo in a photo restoration video (watched about 30 seconds and had to try it myself). I found a copy of the photo and downloaded it.
    The after pic took a few hours spread out over a few days (I'm  back working at the furniture store 😣) so it's a little each day..
    Any constructive criticism welcomed, It was a lot of fun and I learned. Preferred the Black and White to the Sepia of the original, so converted it after I felt I was done. There was more I could do, but decided this was a good stopping point.

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    jeffers reacted to CommiePinko in Change guide color?   
    Nearly four years after the initial post, folks are still begging for this simple feature offered by every other app in my arsenal that uses guides of any kind.  May I politely suggest that someone, somewhere within Affinity attempt a primarily pale blue project?  It's simply impossible.  Whether or not I can use AP is determined by the color of the project.  It's absurd.
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    jeffers reacted to Jerry Cox in Tutorials with Music Background   
    I appreciate all the tutorials, I'm new and trying to learn everything I can but when someone has posted a tutorial all the background music is there a way to turn the music off...although they don't say anything you really can't follow what they are trying to teach/show.
    Thank you group for the tutorials, don't know if it bothers others I just thought I would bring this to the light.
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    jeffers reacted to Andy05 in is Crop to selection possible   
    *sigh* Seriously?

    There's currently no technique available in AP. Hence the whole discussion!

    So, I'm not posting any solution as - read above - there's currently no technique available in AP (repetitive phrase for better understanding, maybe?).

    But repeatedly posting the same "workarounds", which won't work for the OP at all, isn't helping either.
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    jeffers got a reaction from John Rostron in General Photography: Black & White   
    OK got it. That's what I was tending towards so thanks for re enforcing the train of thought.
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    jeffers reacted to Dave Vector in Layers Guide - Understanding Masks, Moves, Crops, Clips, and Adjustments   
    Have you ever tried to arrange objects in the layers panel only to loose them, and then find it nestled in a collapsed group of objects?  
    Ever try and move an object so it clips anther object and it ends up with an unexpected result?  
    Ever wonder what those enigmatic icons in the layer thumbnails are trying to tell you?
    This guide is for anyone with those questions. From folks that are new to Affinity Products, to people who has been using it for years and struggled with the behaviour of layers.  This 3-page visual how-to guide will hopefully help reveal any or all of the cryptic layer mysteries!
    The guide is in English for desktop versions of the products, designed the Windows version, tested mostly in Affinity Designer, but should translate well to Affinity Photo and Publisher.
    I would love to hear your feedback, if you notice any errors, have any additions, and/or let me know if it helps you, please chime in!
    NOTE: PDF DOWNLOAD AT THE BOTTOM.  Please download it!
    Dave Vector

    Affinity Layers Guide - Understanding Masks, Moves, Crops, Clips, Adjustments.pdf
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    jeffers got a reaction from Blueprint in Written Tutorials to download   
    Good point about internet speed....you hear people bemoaning there slow download of 11Mbps... something I would have died for a couple of years ago when our crappy line had a 2.4 Mbps max on a good day. Impossible to watch tutorial vids, now everyone expects everyone to have a superfast connection but it's jus not true for many people - and some live in or near big towns as well!
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    jeffers got a reaction from Blueprint in Written Tutorials to download   
    How refreshing to find a tutorial that is easy to follow with every step clearly explained rather than many that assume you know what they mean and inadvertantly leave out crucial basic steps that can throw you if you're no sure of Affinity terminology. I like it. Appreciate the time taken to do these.
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    jeffers got a reaction from walt.farrell in A Photo: resizing canvas question   
    to close this thread I have found the old legacy tutorials and "adding borders"  "resize canvas" James Ritsons' demonstrations make things more understandable to me.
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    jeffers reacted to BobZ6 in Change guide color?   
    It is 2018 and still no way to change Guides color or thickness.  I find them hard to see in many cases
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    jeffers reacted to Luminaire in Change guide color?   
    Is it possible to change the color of the guides?
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    jeffers reacted to TheLazza in is Crop to selection possible   
    @carl123 thank you! Your macro is amazing. 😁 It's absurd that we need a macro for such a basic feature, but... go figure.
    What I don't like about this discussion is the way some users are putting it... Like:
    you just need to do this (+ 10 steps of fiddling) you are using the wrong tool ... and other nonsense We all understand Affinity products are quite good. There is no need to reinforce that.
    However, making jokes on other users or pretending not to understand that "crop to selection" must crop the picture to the bounding box of a selection is just silly. This feature is present in basically any image editor and has been there in the open source program GIMP for 20 years as well (with one click).
    There is no technical issue for Affinity to create a shortcut for the non-destructive crop tool. It would just need to retrieve the coordinates of the active selection and apply those.
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    jeffers got a reaction from walt.farrell in Guide lines to centre photo (Affinity Photo)   
    to both and apologies Walt. Indeed this does work. It seems I had the screen tolerance setting too low in the snap settings....increasing this to 10 in this case and the guide lines are much more prominent. did do a screenshot but didn't export at a high enough quality it seems. But I think you can get the gist of it

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    jeffers got a reaction from ianrb in Affinity mirror trick/s   
    that's very neat. I like. not quite so sharp along the bottom and right corner, plus background top left and right on my 1920 x 1080 screen.
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    jeffers reacted to Multi4G in How to: Turn PHOTO to SKETCH // Affinity Photo   
    Learn how to make a photo look like a sketch. The easiest way to create a Pencil Sketch Look from ANY photo. As always i have some extra tricks in my video. So make sure you watch it full length. The Pencil Sketch Style uses layer bending and adjustment layers to create a very convincing result. 
    With my extra sauce you get super deep control over the different colors of your source photo. I also show you how to get shadow effects into you image to the Pencil Sketch looks even better and more interesting
    Brushes, LUTs and Designs for Affinity Photo:

    Support me on Patreon: 
    Follow me on:
    Join us on Reddit:
    Photos used:
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    jeffers reacted to tonyt in Split the forum to app related???   
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE split the forum into separate sections for each app. I only use APhoto and have to trawl through reams of posts relating to the other apps to find posts relating to AP. I know the argument is there are lots of similarities between the apps, but after the latest updates there is so much stuff about subjects and functions that simply have no relevance to me. I also use other firms apps where they have several different apps and they are split neatly into app specific sections, so it can’t be hard to do and would make life SO much easier to browse questions relating to AP. I just want to keep up to date and see what other folk are doing, using and problems and solutions to AP related matters.
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