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  1. hi. is resolved this problem? im in point when i need export PSD file from my Affinity Designer and my friends needs edit text. have you any good idea how can i make it? thanks
  2. hi. i have this problem every time as open .psd file in affinity designer. my colleague's used adobe software i used affinity (designer, photo). when i open .psd files i have not good line spacing in text. thanks for you response. I HAVE SOLVED FOR THIS PROBLEM. IN GENERAL SETTING MUST UNCHECK "IMPORT PSD TEXT AS TEXT RATHER THAN BITMAP"
  3. hi. i look here and i can't find this theme. i have problem with export from Affinity Photo to PSD file. in affinity photo have layer when is setting MULTIPLY, when i export to PSD and open this PSD file in photoshop (affinity photo) this layer have setting multiply but i can't see on this layer. thank's for answer.

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