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  1. Hi, when i select a part of my picture and try to insert the selection with ctrl+j into an layer i get this behaviour like shown in the attached video. Is this a Bug or a feature or do i have to make some settings in the Preferences? Regards aXel selection_behaviour.mp4
  2. Hi, the Focus Points are a nice feature but in Photo not really helpful. I hope my attached Picture is showing the Prob. Shot is taken with a Canon 70D. The right Pic is the View inside the Canon Digital Photo Professional. the other one the view in Photo with enabled "Show AF Regions"
  3. In Version and i detected this behaviour.
  4. Hi, When i use my Wacom intuos Tablet and activate the High precision tablet input, my mouse jumps and disappear near the toolbox when i 1) have the program in Full Screen mode 2) a picture or raw picture was loaded 3) the high precision input (experimental) is activated You can have a look at the attached video. 19-01-_2018_18-43-04.mp4
  5. Not a few operations. I have to add something new into the layer tab. Then the thumbnail changes.
  6. First thank you for the beta. In my windows version i see that when i invert a Layer, this was not shown in the layer tab. The Layer icon was always completely white. Axel inverted_mask.mp4
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