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  1. I understand that NeoFinder works well and supports AP format. But, I'd rather wait than transfer all photos from Apple Photos to, say NeoFinder, and then transfer again to Serif's DAM.
  2. Thanks. I think I'll continue with Apple Photos until Serif launch their own DAM. I'm happy with Affinity Photo and don't want to go follow the monthly subscription model of Adobe. Cheers.
  3. I use a Mac and I have Affinity Photo (After loss of Aperture). I am currently using Apple Photos to import and manage my photos and Affinity Photo for editing when required. However, Apple Photos is not the best DAM and I'm wondering what other Mac users use in conjunction with Affinity Photo. For example, I know Adobe Bridge is free but not sure of how tight the integration is with AP. Any suggestions? Thanks, Aarkeus
  4. Yes that worked. Thank you. None of the Helps or Videos alluded to that. I appreciate the help, thanks again.
  5. Thanks, I'll give that a go. Does it make any difference if I crop in Develop Persona or should I leave it until I get to Photo Persona?
  6. Stokerg - The attached shows the steps and images of what happens. Obviously doing something wrong. HVDB - That might work. Can I still crop the image after placing it on top or do I do all the processing of the photo first, including the crop and save it. Sorry but I'm quite new to Affinity.
  7. Let me go through the process again and clarify the issue. Be back soon.
  8. Objective: To display my photo which is, for example, 1400 x 900 on a black background of 1400 x 1050. Required by the camera club. I thought I had this sorted. Imported my photo, resized the Document to the required 1400 pixel and let height default to say 900. Then resized the canvas to 1400 x 1050. However, I then started to crop my image and now that process doesn't work for me. I've watched several Affinity videos but none have helped me solve this. I did look at FAQs but can't find the answer. Regards
  9. Thanks you for your reply. So you are saying that, when in Apple Photos and I select an image and then choose 'Edit With' and select 'Affinity Photo', when I save, it does not save back and this is a known issue. I don't understand what you mean by " Meanwhile you can use the Edit in Affinity Photo extension to send the images from Apple Photos to Affinity Photo as sent/save them back". Is this something different that you are recommending me to do? If it is I don't understand what it is. Please could you clarify. Kind Regards Ged
  10. Apologies up front, I have seen quite a few threads on this but I can't find one that resolves my issue. I have just bought Affinity 1.6.6. I have a Mac running High Sierra. I planned to use Apple Photos for cataloging my photos, and of course sharing across my iPhone and iPad. I have a Canon EOS 80D and shoot in RAW. My problem is this: After importing my pics into Apple Photos. I double click on an image to open it full screen. I then choose Menu > Image > Edit With > Affinity Photo This opens the image in Affinity Photo (AP). I edit the image and then choose Save. However, it does not save it back to Photos. That image remains unchanged. I read in the various threads that it is supposed to. So what am I doing wrong? I did download the app 'External Editors for Photos' but I think that this is now redundant for High Sierra. I also never got the option in Apple Photos edit screen that you were supposed to. So I've removed it. Regards Ged
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