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  1. Rovi

    Beta install failed

    I found previously that it stopped Adobe CC from updating, but not always. I always re-enable it afterwards.
  2. Tried but failed to install the latest beta. Turning off in Google Chrome settings 'Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed' allowed the installation to complete. This needs a restart before installing. I hope this may be a help to someone having the same problem.
  3. My copy was purchased from the MS App store, I cannot download the beta versions, will there be delays or problems getting updates?
  4. I've been using AP for a little while and for the price I think it a bargain. For me there are some short comings which hopefully will be sorted in time, but in the meantime I have found work-arounds for most. Reading the forums it strikes me that users are hoping to get an Adobe equivalent programme for an Affinity price. I too would be delighted with this, but is it a realistic expectation?
  5. The FastPictureViewer codec pack has done the trick. I can now see thumbnails of all files in Windows and Affinity, just what I needed. Many thanks for all the prompt and good advice.
  6. I can process RAW files from Canon 760D and 77D, but cannot see thumbnails or previews. Raw files from older Canons are OK. Is there something that I can do or is this something to just wait for?