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  1. When I edit in Affinity from the Apple Photos edit screen the returned image is dark and excessively contrasty. I have tried reinstalling Affinity and it works normally for a few times. When I return to the application on a second occasion the fault arises again. This was happening with the previous version of Catalina but was fixed. It has resurfaced with the latest apple update. I attach the original raw file and a copy of the returned file DSC00057.arw
  2. Both methods worked fine for me in Mojave but fail in Catalina. This is an known issue, why no solution? I am beginning to look at alternatives to AP which is a shame as I had a good workflow going prior to this issue.
  3. Tried deselecting and resetting affinity extensions. It didn't have any effect at all.
  4. Both methods of editing in AP from Photos worked until I loaded Catalina Beta. Now they don't. I am considering a complete clean install when they release Catalina as the official OS. Have Affinity made any progress yet or I may have to consider dumping AP.
  5. Who I use Affinity from the edit option in Apple Photos, the edited image does not save when it is returned to the transition screen in Apple Photos. I get an error message which in essence says unable to save try again later. I am running the latest beta of Catalina and have reported the issue to Apple as well. Is there some setting that I need to change. I have tried uninstalling Affinity Photo and reinstalling it but that has no effect.
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