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  1. MrFlow

    White Swatches save as grey

    Hey Sean P, I have attached my color profile specs below. Thank you for the quick reply! I actually discovered the issue when I created the swatch for a user-created palette. Which is where the problem occurred and I was able to test and duplicate the issue in the Grey palette. Also attached, I saved a swatch of HSL:0,100,100 of my JDR palette. It is recalled as H:0 S:0 L:100 100% of the time. Both white swatches in the palette recall as H:0 S:0 L:100. My version is 1.6.0. The app store shows that all updates have been made. I also have attached my system info. My expectation is that I get HSL:0,100,100 that was saved when creating the swatch and not H:0 S:0 L:100. How I'm verifying this is by saving the swatch (HSL:0,100,100), changing to a different color, going back to the saved swatch and then checking the color picker which shows H:0 S:0 L:100. I Also export the images and in fact the image color does lose saturation.
  2. When I use the default white swatch or create one myself and save it, instead of H:0 S:100 L:100 (which appears as pure white), it saves as H:0 S:0 L:100 (which appears as off white). Step 1a: Click default white swatch or select H:0 S:100 L:100 on color wheel and save swatch. Step 1b: If user created swatch, select swatch user created. Step 2: Observe swatch is recalled as H:0 S:0 L:100 instead of H:0 S:100 L:100. PLS NOTE: HSL DATA IS SWAPPED ON THE PHOTO.