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  1. Great, thanks for the info. I wasn´t aware of that. Greetings
  2. Next try. 20190925_Broschuere_148x148_2TEST.afpub 20190925_Broschuere_148x148_2TEST.zip
  3. Hm., the upload doesn´t work for some reason. I´ll try from another computer tomorrow....
  4. Nope, this also doesn´t work. I´ll try a zip file.... 20190925_Broschuere_148x148_2TEST.zip
  5. Yes, had surprisingly the same problem. Hope the new upload works. Have also 20190925_Broschuere_148x148_2TEST.afpub
  6. Hi Folks, one question: i exported a 2 page testfile pdf with pulisher. Even though the 2 pages have the same the content elements/type (cause i copied them), in the exported pdf the right/second page has sharp text, the left page on the other hand is pixelated. What i am doing wrong:-)? Greetings from Germany Jo 20190925_Broschuere_148x148_2TEST.afpub 20190925_Broschuere_148x148_2TEST.pdf
  7. See first picture: I clicked on the border-line and a menu opens where you can set the edges to 'round'. We'll, it's not that round, just a slight bend. Of course you can do more rounded corners with the rectangle tool.
  8. Hi Mick, thanks. Indeed the text frame can have rounded corners - with an added border & round edges. A separate rectangle is an option, but alignment etc. is 'more work'.
  9. Hi, thanks: 1. I used the texttool. 2. Yes, I wanted rounded corners. I surely could use a second rectangle, but that's not as convinient. 3. Sure, maybe later. Greetings J.
  10. Hi folks, one 'detection': i created a textframe with rounded borders. In publisher or even after export, there ist a thin line/sometimes two visible at the edges. Why? Furthermore: it´s hard to match the opacity between the frame and the border, cause i can´t type in exact values. What i´m doing wrong? Greetings from germany J.
  11. ...it´s a german saying, literaly "the error/bug sits always in front of the screen":-). Jo
  12. GREAT, thanks MikeW! So the bug sits as always in front of the screen..... Topic can be deleted, sorry. Greetings
  13. SORRY, i just figured it out!! The object is embedded and has other values. Case closed!
  14. Hi Ralf, thanks. There are two objects in the same program in the same document with the same colour-values (0/0/0/100). Nevertheless the colours look different. What i´m getting wrong?!:-) Greetings 20180108_vk-kleinarchitekten_V2.pdf
  15. Hi MikeW, i did never add any noise or something else. Is there such an effect?? Or what do i get wrong?!:-) Thanks Jo
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