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  1. I bought Affinity Photo a few years ago and think it works quite well for making website mockups. Is it the best program for this or is Affinity Designer or Affinity Publisher a better fit? I ask this because there seems to be no program specificly made for this case. Thanks!
  2. Yes, that works perfectly! From 60 kB to 1.9 kB. =) Thanks!
  3. I have created a very simple background to be used on the web. I exported it as SVG. Then I noticed it was quite big for an SVG file and then I saw that it got rastered. All I have is 3 vector circles with a gradient overlay on each of them. So, why does it need to raster it? SVG uses both vector shapes and gradients. Also, how can I get around this issue? Is it possible?
  4. I got some great information by you guys. Thanks! Still nags (my point of view) Website, without a proper screenshot - There seems to be many great video tutorials however. Performance - HDR seems to be much slower than Photoshop, watching Youtube comparations. Crop to selection - The cropping tool is not a full workaround, so it's still an issue. Only 10 days trial Nags but has workarounds Save as png or jpg not possible - But it's possible to export instead. New file, wrong filesize - But "New from clipboard" works as a good alternative. Solved Filters merged into layers - It's not in the filter menu but in the layer menu. It's a natural place, but maybe not for the Photoshop users as it's in filters in Photoshop. Github? I've read some other post in the forum and every issue should be an own post in the forum? I think a much better approach would be to start a Github repository. It does not need to contain any code, but it has a really nice issue ticket system. I think it would make it easier for everyone.
  5. The reason I write this is because I just switched from Photoshop to Affinity Photo and I really like it. I bought it and I don't regret it. Great work! Still, I have some nags I want to share with you. I use it in Windows. Website, without a proper screenshot I was looking for a great Photoshop clone. Maybe you don't like to see Affinity Photo as a Photoshop clone, but for a newbie user it kind of is. When visiting the website there is no screenshot of the program right away. The screenshots that are there are tilted or cropped. I needed to use Google Image search to see how the program actually looked like. I think you would get more sales with a screenshot directly, maybe instead of that purple hero lady. A great example of what I mean is this site: https://zoommyapp.com/ A screenshot directly that shows how it looks like. Performance I've watched Youtube videos and people have compared performance to Photoshop. Where Affinity is slower is on HDR images, startup load and opening files. People are also missing a loading indicator when opening multiple files. Save as png or jpg not possible When saving file (CTRL + S) it's not possible to select jpg or png. Instead I need to export the file. While it seems logical to have it as an export, it's a nag. Can't you just add the other formats in the save filebox as well? Maybe like "Export to png" and it will be clear that the layers will be lost. New file, wrong filesize When I have an image in the clipboard I often used new file (CTRL + N) in Photoshop. It would take the filesize of the clipboard image. I can just hit ok and I paste it in. That is not possible with Affinity Photo. Instead I get another resolution. I need to use "New from clipboard". I think both ways would be best to have. Crop to selection You have a great cropping, but sometimes you already have a selection and want to use that for a crop. So this is a feature request. Filters merged into layers If I use a filter it will be merged into a layer. In Photoshop they are put more like an adjustment layer. The benefit is if you want to change the blur value later for example. Sometimes hard to understand I still don't know, if I set a style, how can I unset the style? I can set other styles and even delete them, but unset it seems to be impossible right now. Maybe you need to correct me on this one. Only 10 days trial I was stressed to try it out in 10 days. I had other things to do during these days as well. I would like it to be 20 days at least. Why Affinity Photo rocks It's a great tool if you are used to Photoshop. The UI and features are similar or better in most cases. It's all in the details. Every feature I tested is like Photoshop, but one step ahead. More thought into every feature. It's not a monthly fee. The price is low. In conclusion, the greatest image software I've tried so far, with just a very few nags.
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