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    BillCar reacted to Mattie in Measuring and Line Length   
    This is really disappointing. Wish I had known before I spent money on this program
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    BillCar reacted to johnnyfive in Measuring and Line Length   
    Yep still waiting on this feature as well. Has been documented elsewhere here. Although there is a cumbersome workaround, it goes to show that the software is capable of measuring paths and just requires a bit of front-end work to show the users. It's the only feature keeping me from recommending AD to others... 
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    BillCar reacted to Maijuline in Measuring and Line Length   
    Like Mattie, I also make sewing patterns in Illustrator, and his reference picture (above) displaying the Document Info > Objects is what I use all the time.
    I am ready to jump into Affinity Designer but it is not realistic without proper measurement tools. Real-time curve measuring would be so good.
    I really hope they will be added to AD in the near future. 
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    BillCar reacted to AffinityBrah in Measuring and Line Length   
    Dying for this feature, will have to move to Illustrator for the time being unfortunately...Hate paying $20/month.
    My Sewing Pattern Request Thread: 
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    BillCar reacted to ROYGBV in Measuring and Line Length   
    Line length, line angle, & line position, should all be available together. To take a graphics program, from a consumer level toy for making birthday cards, to a professional level, such information and more (area) should be available for every polygon and geometric type shape. For example every polygon should have the option to display its center with crosshairs and to show its basic subdivisions. So a hexagon would be able to show its subdivisions into 6 similar triangles. There is nothing difficult, about this for a computer, or in terms of code. Drawing programs back in the 1990s could do this. There was one dialog box for creating multisided polygons till they became indistinguishable from circles, with or without subdivisions. Not a dumbed down display of 10-12 "favorites.
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    BillCar reacted to MEB in Measuring and Line Length   
    Hi Mattie,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    Currently Affinity Designer doesn't provide this info anywhere. I'm moving this thread to the Feature Requests section.
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