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  1. Note to N.B.

    I may have sent earlier version of jpg file. Here is zip file where I tried different fields to see where they would be imported.

    Here is correlation:

    File Manager               AP Metadata

    Date Taken                  EXIP>Date Shot

    Tags                             FILE>Keywords

    Rating                         FILE>Rating

    Dimensions                 EXIP>Size

    Size                             (nothing)

    Title                             (nothing)

    Authors                       FILE>Author

    Comments                   (nothing)

    Camera Maker            EXIF>Maker

    Camera model             EXIF>Camera

    Subject                         (nothing)

    Date created                (nothing)

    Date modified             (nothing)

    Only two fields onder FILE tab.


    Chevy 1954 Ver2.zip

  2. I believe I have the same problem. I'll describe it and let you judge.

    Using: AP Windows 10; AP 1.8.3; JPG files only

    Using Windows File Manager with "Details Pane" on, I see file data (metadata) in many family photos that I believe was added with Google Picasa years ago.

    With file opened in AP none of this info is displayed in Metadata view.  If I add data to Metadata in AP and export file (JPG) and now use File Manager to view "Details" most of data is there but is sometimes in different categories, i.e., Description converts to Subject. This conversion issue is of little concern. Re-entering all data or not being able to view data while in AP is a problem.

    Question#1: Is there a work-around? 

    Question #2: Are there plans to have AP import data FROM JPG files?

    Update (prior to posting)

    It appears this is a data labeling issue; "Date Taken" is imported in EXIP as "Date Shot"; "Camera maker" as "Maker"; "Camera Model" as "Camera"

    "Tags" is imported in FILE as "Keywords"; "Rating" is imported as "Rating"; "Authors" as "Author"

    The important fields "Title"; "Comments" and "Subject" are ignored.


    Bill Carey


    Chevy 1954.jpg

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