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    Pepperdog2 reacted to dmstraker in Blend modes notes (52 A4 pages)   
    Attached is my complete set of notes about blend modes, now spread across 52 pages of A4.
    These are significantly updated from the previous revision, with lots more 'recipes' and organisation of these under main topics, hopefully to make them more usable.
    Blend modes notes V5.pdf
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    Pepperdog2 reacted to stephentuso in Material design asset pack   
    Here is a collection of assets created from the material design sticker sheet obtained here: https://material.google.com/resources/sticker-sheets-icons.html
    Could use a little more work, but I've added constraints to the lists, UI bars, and tabs. Most of the shadows are currently bitmaps. I had issues with some text boxes becoming the wrong size when the group was turned into an asset, so artistic text is used in some places where a text frame would be more appropriate.
    I couldn't find a license anywhere for the sticker sheet, so feel free to modify and share or use however you want, however, please don't redistribute as an asset pack while charging a price (sharing for free is fine). 
    If you want to share any changes/improvements, I'd appreciate it if you posted them to this thread.
    An example I quickly made with some of the assets is below.

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    Pepperdog2 got a reaction from Simple logic designs in 15 FREE STYLES   
    Very nice. Thank you for posting
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    Pepperdog2 reacted to Simple logic designs in 15 FREE STYLES   
    Hi everyone these are some styles i created for use on individual letters , hope there good enough for everyone to find a use case for them. this is my first go at creating styles it is a 148.59MB DOWNLOAD.

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    Pepperdog2 reacted to Bethany Acorn in Transparent clothing effect tutorial   

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    Pepperdog2 reacted to Przemysław in HKS colour systems   
    Hello my Friends,
    I hope that HKS will be included in future in Affinity software alongside Pantone. For time being, I've prepared CMYK versions of HKS colour systems for coated (K) and uncoated (N) papers (download attached *.afpalette files). HKS 98 & HKS 99 are gold and silver (same in both). 
    Why? Lots of printers in Europe are using HKS, i.e. Saxoprint and others.
    HKS N.afpalette
    HKS K.afpalette
    Post Scriptum
    Official Website: https://www.hks-farben.de
    On Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HKS_(colour_system)

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    Pepperdog2 got a reaction from StuartRc in Asset Library 2017 Inktober Vectors   
    Thank You - Very Nice Work
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    Pepperdog2 reacted to StuartRc in Asset Library 2017 Inktober Vectors   
    Been a bit neglected so:
    Vector Assets from [Filthy] Inktober07
    Asset List | subCategory List
    04 Large Objects
    08 Plastic Objects
    08 Small Objects
    11 Water Textures
    PDF sample Sheet x2 (not all assets displayed)
    Single asset file with 4 subcategories
    Asset Sample Sheets

    Vector Assets Filthy 01 01.pdf
    Vector Assets Filthy 01 02.pdf
    vectorAssets - Filthy.zip
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    Pepperdog2 reacted to Chris Van Cleve in Affinity.Graphics is LIVE!   
    You read that right. The Affinity.Graphics web site is LIVE! As an added bonus, you can join us on Slack for Affinity related conversation and announcements of new releases on the site. We have more features we're working on to add even more value for you, but we didn't want to hold up the release of the site any longer.

    You will find 9 updated and 10 new resources from DreamScape Visionery, LLC with more on the way soon. Help us populate the site with more resource offerings! Reach out to your favorite resource creators and ask them to put their offerings on the site. If you're a resource creator yourself, what are you waiting for? Hit that Submit a Resource button! We want to see the site and community grow and rival offerings for other, inferior, products.

    Come visit the site and let us know what improvements you would like to see. Use the feedback button to let us know of any problems you encounter on the site or any suggestions you may have. We look forward to seeing you there soon! https://affinity.graphics/ Thanks,
    The Affinity.Graphics Resources Team
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    Pepperdog2 got a reaction from 276ccm in Vintage Lines - Vector Brushes (Free)   
    Keep up the good work I love anything that is "deco".
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    Pepperdog2 reacted to Sahil Ansari in How to design a business card and what is the size of it in mm | Affinity Publisher   
    In this Affinity Publisher Tutorial, We going to show you, How to design a Business Card in Affinity Publisher and what is the size of a Business card in MM units of measure. There is no standard for the business card dimensions. Sharing dimensions with other cards makes storage easier, for example, banking cards (85.60 × 53.98 mm) and business cards in Western Europe (85 × 55 mm) have almost the same size. In the design of 85x55mm size, If your image doesn’t bleed then your job just got a little easier. If you are using bleeds, then make sure your design area is set up with a 4 mm margin outside the printable area. so that our text or design in printing not be cut off. I hope you like it.
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    Pepperdog2 reacted to MEB in Removing white background   
    Hi ac-13,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    One way to quickly remove the white here is using Blend Options - you can access them clicking the cog icon on the top right of the Layers panel. Set the left graph as shown on the screenshot below and you should get a clean result.

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    Pepperdog2 reacted to DocCoding in Gradient Pack - uiGradient.com   
    As a web designer, I find websites like uiGradients.com a quite useful resource, with a massive selection of ready-made gradients (and css code for those).
    This palette is a complete (01.09.2018) pack of all gradients alongside their names, hand-imported over the course of an afternoon and a few podcasts.
    I don't think you can copyright colors/gradients, but the GitHub repository of the uiGradients.com website is licensed under MIT. I'll try to keep the file up to date with the website, but if there's a missing gradient or a error, please tell me about it.
    Enjoy: uiGradients.com.zip
    (A preview will follow soon)
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    Pepperdog2 reacted to Sahil Ansari in How to create 3D Text in Affinity Designer   
    3D Extrude Feature is not available in the Affinity Designer. This feature may come in the future, So will see in this tutorial how to apply 3D effect on text in the Affinity Designer. In this tutorial we also  learn, how to use outer shadow and Gaussian blur effect. I hope you like it. Click here for tutorial

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    Pepperdog2 reacted to wigglepixel in Tutorial on Color Models, Color Spaces and Color Profiles (two-part)   
    Hi Everyone,
    In the need to understand the sometimes complex subject of Color Models, Color Spaces and Color Profiles better, I found it hard to find a nice to read and complete source on the matter. So after I did a deep dive into the subject I decided to share what I've learned about it by writing a tutorial blog about it with illustrations and interactives. Yesterday I published part one about Color Models and color basics, to pave the way to Color Spaces for the next and last part of the article.
    Although not directly Affinity related, I figured this could benefit other Affinity users too in understanding Color Spaces better and when to choose which in Designer and Photo. And making Color Spaces a little less confusing to understand. Of coarse all graphics-work for illustrations and interactives in the tutorial are made in Affinity Designer.
    The blog is available in both Dutch (https://www.wigglepixel.nl/blog/wat-zijn-color-models/) and translated in English (https://www.wigglepixel.nl/en/blog/what-are-color-models/).
    Hope you like it and if this makes others understand the subject better and as enthousiastic as I am now about it after this, I reached my goal!

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    Pepperdog2 reacted to dmstraker in Yay! 100 AP videos now on InAffinity YouTube Channel   
    Small celebration. I've now uploaded 100 Affinity Photo video tutorials to my InAffinity YouTube channel.
    Mostly, they are for beginners, though I throw in recent discoveries, effects, etc.
    To properly celebrate, I'm now off on a photographing jolly, up the American East Coast, as far as Nova Scotia, no less.
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    Pepperdog2 reacted to Sahil Ansari in Affinity Photo | How to Transform Photo into spectacular Pencil Drawing   
    How to transform a photo into subtle, gorgeous pencil drawings in Affinity Photo (Photoshop Alternative). In this video, I will show you, how to use HSL Adjustment, Levels and Gaussian blur for transforming a photo into like a sketch. I hope you like it.
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    Pepperdog2 reacted to MartinB78 in Going mad with Style(s)   
    here some styles, you may like...
    Some of the styles are two layer based: Glass, SwampCamping and SanFrancisco.
    ( As soon as I have more time, I will write an additional tutorial. )
    Have fun.

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    Pepperdog2 reacted to dmstraker in 20 ways to create a vignette with Affinity Photo   
    Just as an exercise, I decided to explore ways to create vignettes with Affinity Photo. I stopped after identifying 20 methods. Attached are my notes for your pleasure.
    Affinity photo Vignette V1.pdf
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    Pepperdog2 got a reaction from SrPx in Remove Glare in Photo   
    Thank you one and all. I love the curtain idea as it had never occurred to me. Great Work !!!  
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    Pepperdog2 reacted to VectorVonDoom in Quilling, Letter A (AD)   
    I wasn't in the mood to do any proper work this evening so was messing around and tried emulating quilling in AD with the letter A. As it was trying to copy hand curled paper it also meant I didn't have to get the curves or spirals perfect.

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    Pepperdog2 reacted to AffinityJules in Your Move   
    I've always been a Chess player as far back as I can remember.
    This picture is a fanciful acknowledgement of that.

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    Pepperdog2 got a reaction from Uncle Mez in Affinity Styles Free   
    Very nice -thank you for posting
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    Pepperdog2 reacted to Tsetsoh in Free CG Textures   
    I have used this resource for years.  They have a large, easily searchable catalog.  I have never failed to find something I can use for a background, overlay, texture etc.
    With a free membership you get a much larger download limit.  I find that I have never bumped my limit.  Of course, with paid membership one gets an amazing download limit.
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    Pepperdog2 reacted to MEB in bolean operations explanation required......!   
    Hi Akila,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    Here's a quick example showing the subtract boolean operation (note you need to have at least two objects selected for the Geometry operation's icons become available in the main toolbar): 

    All the other operations work in a similar way and are self-explanatory. Add will simple add both shapes, turning them into a single shape. Intersection will turn the common area between the two shapes into its own shape discarding the rest. Divide splits the objects and common areas into separate independent shapes. Combine merges the objects leaving the overlapping/common areas transparent. Check this Help topic for more details: Joining objects.
    Also note that if you press and hold ⌥ (option/alt) while clicking on an operation icon in the main toolbar you will create a compound object instead (which is basically a non-destructive boolean operation). If you click the small arrow near the compound layer's thumbnail in the Layers panel (to expand it) you will have access to the original shapes used to generate the compound. You can edit them as any regular shape and the compound will update itself to reflect the changes you have made. To lean more about non-destructive boolean operations (compound objects) check this Help topic: Compound objects.