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  1. For years I have struggled with various releases of Photoshop...just when you think you have mastered it, Adobe comes up with more useless overkill features and now insist that everything goes to the Cloud (I hate it) along with this, you can never own the product but "rent it'...as night follows day the 'rent' increases every year. AND THEN...... enter, Serif Affinity Photo - what a welcome breath of fresh air to we fledgling Photographers on a budget. I was going to purchase the Product after my PS subscription ran out some months hence, but after seeing some of the Affinity Tutorials on Youtube, I couldn't wait, so purchased it and use it many times a day, never returning to that 'Other' product (despite still paying my monthly dues until my contract is finished) Accolades to Serif for Affinity Photo and please don't go down the path of annual subscriptions or uploading to the 'Cloud' My only request is that you make available a written manual in pdf format so that ready reference can be easily accessed. Chinderah.