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  1. Hi. I've got a problerm when exporting Works from affinitydesigner. When I share in Facebook, or Messenger it appears like a negative photo. I donot know why, because I am sure that I am exporting as Jpeg. I also found that when I share it in WhatsApp, it says the file is not a picture. So How can I fix this problema? Thanx
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    Export from Affinity Designer

    thanx a lot. I will try
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    Export from Affinity Designer

    Very kind of you. I am using direct export. I tried to enclose an example file, but it was bigger than the máximum size permitted. I'll try to edit the format in export persona, but I am very newbie and I am afraid I am going to get lost for sure. However, I'll keep you informed. I enclose now a file smaller so perhaps could give you an idea. This, when is shared appears like a negative. Thanx a lot
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    spanish text

    It is also a very common, no t always, mistake I've read. In many Windows with the button "close" in SPanish says "Cerar". This is wrong. Tthe correcto Word is "Cerrar", with a doublé r between the 'e and the 'a'.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, my neme is Antonio García. I come from Spain. Real addicted to photography and disign as hobby. I hope to learn and to make it worthy the purchase of this fantastic tools