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  1. I have some NEF files (RAW files from a Nikon Z7) that I copied to my iCloud account. Affinity Photo cannot import them, nor open them directly. It crashes every time, just leaving the screen after 10 to 15 seconds of processing. There is lots of space on my 10 inch iPad Pro, and no other apps in memory. iOS 12.1.4. Files are about 57MB to 60MB in size.
  2. Sawdusty

    Can't open raw files from Photos

    Will this problem get fixed soon? I just bought a NAS device to use for photo editing work. Works great with my MacBook, but I cannot import RAW files from it with Affinity Photo on my iPad. I can import TIFF and JPG, but not the files straight from my camera. I need to copy them to iCloud drive first, then I can import them. But this adds complexity and time to an otherwise easy workflow.