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  1. Hi thanks for replies. In Photoshop is there no options for PNG, it just simply exports correctly. There is of course some loss of data as its going from a 32bit floating point down to 8bit, however Photoshop works it out, Affinity does not. What is also worth a note is I can copy the whole document screen in Photoshop from a 32bit image and make a blank document which not only looks at the dimentions of the clipboards to size the new document to match which Affinity dont do, but when I past the 32bit into a 8 bit document it colour corrects the gamma and embed the correct rgb c
  2. Hi. Its now uploaded Affinity Photo post work flow-banding Issue.zip Thanks, Dan
  3. Thank you, please do let me know when its fixed. Dan
  4. Thank you, the file is uploading now. Just to add Final Cut Pro profile exports, but this of course does not contain the adjustment layers, or edits. Dan
  5. Hello Iv just started using Affinity Photo to composite my renders. When I go to export a PSD file choosing any preset, I get a error and it fails to export? System: Windows 7 64bit pro 32gb ram 5930k cpu gtx 780 6gb Thanks, Dan
  6. Hello Im a Photoshop CS5 user but want to do editing in 32bit so got Affinity Photo. I noticed than after exporting to png 24 I get colour banding, somthing I do not get when exporting the same file from Photoshop. Also note how the Photoshop png is producing a larger file so I assume there is some compression going on that Photohop is not doing? Thanks Dan
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