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  1. Same here.. tried everything but can't find any text frame with overflow. There are no red dots showing when zooming out (and yes my "Show Text Flow" option is on). There were some text frames that didn't had any text, but after I checked the document 4 times I'm pretty done with this.. When trying to print an error is following. When clicking on "Ignore and continue" the print box appears. After I choosed the printer and clicked on "print", Affinity Publisher crashes and need to restart. My colleague has exactly the same problem. (Mac) The only way to get it printed is to create an PDF first.
  2. As far as I remember, I created a file completely in No problems so far. Until I tried to continue a few days later; when opening the file, Publisher is crashing all the time. Attached also the file. crash.mov TX-Corvus-Libra_RX-Virgo_Standard_MU.afpub
  3. Muontania

    Crashes on

    Affinity crashes all the time I open a particular document. I didn't have crashes while creating the doc. The file was completely created in version @Patrick Connor crash.mov
  4. Same problem here. Just installed and the document I was working at (8MB) crashes all the time when we try to open it. (tried same doc at 2 different machines). Had to reinstall the version to continue.. @Patrick Connor

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