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  1. thanks, but I am on windows. very usefull tip on the up/down arrow keys. works around the program I gather. thanks again Gerard
  2. PS, for some reason I could now edit the start values
  3. Hi Carl Thanks, it does work, although the live filter is now semi live (it only starts giving the preview when you release the slider) I would be allright if I could give the live filter a starter value and edit this later (but even when you record a value, it wont stick in the macro). my version is
  4. I am trying to use a macro. The steps used are duplicate layer, apply dust and scratches, mask the layer, invert the mask. I can then use the brush (with white on top) to brush the effect back on. I use this to paint away backscatter in underwater pictures. The original tutorial I used (but aimed at photoshop) uses the history brush but I cant macro that. When I try to make the filter parameters adaptable, the preview given is only for the entire macro (not only the filter), which because it will also invert the mask, will just display the original photo. Also there is 'generating macro preview' popup window that is considerably slower then the dust and scratches itself. is there any way to force the macro to give the example of the filter instead of the entire macro. PS If I try it with a live filter, the settings stick to 0 and 0, even though I set it to a setting when recording the macro. If I try then to edit the macro to set 20 and 2% as a default setting, then affinity crashes.
  5. http://pixelgenius.com/ I tried installing them to to the plugin folder for affinity but they dont seem to work (only a 'hidden' Photokit preview plugin is shown which crashed affinity)
  6. I couldnt find it so installed the suggested romm rgb profile. Thanks for for the help.
  7. Then it works. The only thing is that although pro photo rgb is used by lightroom the profile was not installed in the system. Apparently it is also not part of Affinity. So when no picture with that profile is open, I can't select pro photo rgb as a default.
  8. Thank you. So if I understand correctly there is not a specific working space that can be set, if I open a tiff with a pro photo Rgb profile embedded it will use that as a working space? (Unless I have that overruled with the convert to setting)
  9. I am having difficulty trying to set up Affinity Photo. Colour theory demands that you use a large working space and convert to a smaller colour space when exporting. The pictures I am editing will normally be TIFFs that I exported from lightroom, using AP as an external editor. I set Lightroom to export the TIFF and open it in AP with the Pro Photo RGB colour space. I would like to set this same color space as my working space. For that, I would think that I have to go t Edit, Preferences, Colour and then set Pro Photo RGB in the dropdowns. When I do that with an image open, I can set profoto RGB. When I open and close affinity, the preference does not seem to stick. So my question is what exactly the colour setting does ? Gerard
  10. Hi, Gerard here. Just bought Affinity Photo (for windows) in the end of year sale. looking for some answers on setting the program up.
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