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  1. Thanks for the quick responses guys. I may have not explained clearly to begin with but what I'm looking to do: I am looking slice multiple curves/layers at once so that I end up with what would be several rectangular/shapes that include portions of the layers that are cut by the rectangular boundaries. I am looking to export all of the horizontal slices and place them back together in a separate program. The reason I would like rectangular slices is that it reduces file size. The program I am using to import the .svg files can only import single files of 15kb at a time. The divide method by RCR does work but it splits up all of the layers into smaller components, which is undesirable (all parts are dividing each other). I only want to divide each layer by the same rectangle, so that I'm left with the same number of layers in the end. You can do this by duplicating the rectangles and cutting each layer individually but this is fairly time consuming. DNRTL version: Can you cut multiple layers at once with a single shape? Cheers, Rabeeto
  2. Hi, I'm looking to confirm whether there is a relatively straight forward method for destructively intersecting/divide multiple layers (14 for example) using one shape. Currently I can do this by duplicating the shape to the same number of layers there are and carry out the intersect operation 14 times. This can be particularly time consuming however and I believe there must be an easier way. Please note: I do not want to use masks, clipping or export slices as to the best of my knowledge these are not destructive processes. If there is an option use these functions to do what I am looking to achieve then even better! I utlimately want to split a multi layer vector image into multiple horizontal slices with the only shapes that are exported being within the slice boundaries.