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  1. Thanks Mark - back in business - it was set to use the 'default' Intel GPU (yes it is a laptop). I changed it to use the (arguably better) NVIDIA GEFORCE as it's renderer, and it's looking better than ever. Your help is appreciated. Now just to sort out that username, and you can close 'the ticket' ...........
  2. Thanks Mark - Patrick O'Connor offered to do this for me - see below. If I can change it myself please let me know how/where? I did respond asking him to do so.
  3. Did you get my reply to Chris_K's message? (Attached below) Hi Chris_K Two crash reports attached. It happens as soon as I try to open, or create any file/document. 419ca8a7-4fe9-42e6-8492-4236a4989962.dmp
  4. I have updated the GPU driver. Also updated Java (as recommended by the GPU manufacturer NVIDIA). Started AF with Ctrl Key, reset all parameters. Same issue. Attached screen dump and Crash report. Next? 5dccd446-b0ea-476f-8d24-950965556250.dmp Fullscreen capture 20180104 200053.bmp
  5. Thanks Patrick. I have tried your suggestion, unfortunately it doesn't help... still cannot open any file : not from open from file, hdr, ex clipboard, ..... cannot even create a new document. As soon as an option is selected file starts loading, then ......... CRASH. i'LL SURVIVE UNTIL NEXT YEAR HAPPY 2018 !!!
  6. Windows 10 has just installed (after much insistence) a major upgrade to Windows 10 (version 1709 - see image). No problems prior to this. Now trying to open a file (any method) causes Affinity Photo to crash.(see 2nd image) I have : rebooted my computer, repaired the (Affinity Photo) software, then removed and re-installed the software (version No change. Two crash reports have been sent to Serif (today). Where to next? Fullscreen capture 20171230 004517.bmp Fullscreen capture 20171230 004546.bmp
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