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  1. So far I have not tried any other files with this particular approach-I'll get back to you shortly.
  2. On my 2007 MacBook Pro (El Capitan, SSD, 6gb ram) :when exporting an image with 5 Live Filter Layers, Affinity Photo freezes & has to be rebooted. With the same file, there are no issues on my lowly underpowered 2010 iMac (Sierra).
  3. An animation project has led me to the conclusion that the ability to build stacks with the macro feature would be a vary useful feature. In my case, I have exported image sequences out of Apple motion which can contain as many as 500 .openexr's. (sometimes more) These must be combined into stacks of 20 apiece. I have not discovered yet a batch/macro to expedite this particular workflow.
  4. I know I'm very late to this party. I only "need" 1 thing in Affinity photo. Because of a specific need within a project I'm involved in, Genuine Fractals image enlargement within Affinity would be great. I purchased On1's Perfect Photo Suite 9 for this single feature, and that software is a real dog. I use the resize feature, export and save, and do eveything else in Affinity Photo. I have used Photoshop since v.2 (before layers!), but am happy to move on to something more modern, and I believe Affinity Photo is the door to a new day.
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