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  1. Andreas Raninger

    Bookcover Fantasy

    Big thanks and hugs to you all. More images and covers can be found on: https://www.deviantart.com/raniande/gallery
  2. I have sort of the same problem on my Windows 10 setup with 32GB of ram with a GTX 1050 TI (Lenovo Legion Y530). A couple days ago I was going to work on details on my painting and bumped the resolution up from 4000 to 8000 pixels. A couple of minutes after that the computer slowed down to a crawl and memory allocation whent from ~3.5GB to 27GB. I was working with a small amount of layers, about 8. This problem is not a new problem for me. I've had this problem as long as I can remember in AP. I'm not trying to be rude or be a wiseguy, but are you sure you are handling system resources the right way on the Windows plattform? MacOS version does not suffer from this and do not rush memory allocation when I increase the resolution of my canvas and layers or using a huge amount of large textures. AP is my daily driver at work eight hours a day and I love it. I use AP on iPad, Windows and MacOS.
  3. Andreas Raninger

    Starship trooper

    Thanks! Yes. Totally Affinity Photo. I miss custom shapes and one advanced layer option but both are doable with workarounds.
  4. Andreas Raninger

    Starship trooper

    M.I. does the dying; Fleet just does the flying.
  5. Andreas Raninger

    Starship trooper

    Made with Affinity Photo Windows version
  6. Andreas Raninger


    It's a combination of submarine and destroyer theme. I like the heavy and thick armour in space. Subs are cool and mysterious looking too.
  7. Andreas Raninger


    I forgot to tell that it was made in the Windows version. And that I cheated a lot using real images as textures. But what the heck, it's the end result that counts.
  8. Andreas Raninger


    Todays work to test out new workflow for client work in the future. No problems at all. Closing my Creative Cloud Account A.S.A.P.
  9. Andreas Raninger


    Thanks Heyavanes! I'm do not experience your type problem but there's a delay for me when painting with a small brush that makes it near impossible to paint details with precision. This happens in both Mac and Windows versions, beta and stable. It's like AP detects the impact of the pen too late to registrate the correct coordinates on the wacom. That delay exists in photoshop too but it somehow feels like PS buffer the input from the wacom so that it never misses the correct impact position.
  10. Andreas Raninger


    Made with latest Affinity Photo beta. Last image for this year. Time to prepare the steak that the kids ordered. Happy new year!
  11. Andreas Raninger

    Undiscovered country

    Thanks, GarryP! I'm painting the last details on the second one today. I'm hoping that it will be the last one for 2017.
  12. Andreas Raninger

    Undiscovered country

    First serious session with Affinity Photo.

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