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  1. Andreas Raninger


    Thanks Heyavanes! I'm do not experience your type problem but there's a delay for me when painting with a small brush that makes it near impossible to paint details with precision. This happens in both Mac and Windows versions, beta and stable. It's like AP detects the impact of the pen too late to registrate the correct coordinates on the wacom. That delay exists in photoshop too but it somehow feels like PS buffer the input from the wacom so that it never misses the correct impact position.
  2. Andreas Raninger


    Made with latest Affinity Photo beta. Last image for this year. Time to prepare the steak that the kids ordered. Happy new year!
  3. Andreas Raninger

    Undiscovered country

    Thanks, GarryP! I'm painting the last details on the second one today. I'm hoping that it will be the last one for 2017.
  4. Andreas Raninger

    Undiscovered country

    First serious session with Affinity Photo.