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  1. Ok, maybe I wasn't so dumb, I went back to that thread, and my comment was there, with a note saying my previous content had been restored. Thanks, whoever fixed that!
  2. Oh my word, I am SOOOO glad I stumbled across this thread, while still in my 10 day free Affinity Photo trial. Although I am really comfortable with Photoscape, I am a complete newbie with the more professional programs like Photoshop and Affinity, which are way less intuitive to use. But I am getting started with Stock photography, and need a non-destructive editing program, which is why I tried Affinity (hate the monthly payment set-up in Adobe.) I had watched a few of the official tutorials, but was just becoming more lost and frustrated. I had almost decided not to buy Affinity. Reading through this thread, I realised I am not ready for the landscape course, but found an awesome deal on Solid Foundations and Box of Tricks, so i decided to give it one last try. (On Udemy, by buying both, even in terms of our feeble South African currency, it was really reasonable!) I have devoured the Solid Foundations in the last couple of days, and by lesson 5, went ahead and bought the program, totally convinced that a) it is as good as they say, and b) even my addled old brain WILL be able to wrap around it! Thanks so much, Drippy Cat, I am already feeling that I can take my photography to new levels.
  3. Thanks, I think I must have done something silly, because I also couldn't find it when I went back a few days later.... no problem, will try again!
  4. Thanks, it was my first post as a new member... it was on the thread : But maybe I did something stupid, as I see no pending posts now? Will try again, thanks.
  5. Hi, I'm a visual artist and keen amateur photographer, from South Africa. I've been using Photoscape for years, but needed something that edits non-destructively. It is a big leap, for a forgetful old lady, into a program like this. It is way less intuitive to use, and rather a steep learning curve, but I have been working through tutorials and am so excited by the new possibilities unleashed. I am sure in no time I'll be flying through my editing. Just a question, how long does it typically take to get posts approved by a moderator? I commented on a thread before Christmas, and it still doesn't seem to have been approved?
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