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  1. Well, bizarrely I just tried it again and it worked..... Literally didn't do anything new, but it worked this time. Could the large file size be causing issues? Just for reference, I'm using 1.8.3 on Windows 8, and the times it didn't work I got the 'can't' export error. Tried exporting to both 'for print' PDF and 'press-ready'.
  2. I currently have a publisher file that's ~4.5 GB (so I can't attach here unfortunately). I exported it to PDF 2-3 times over the past few weeks and it worked perfectly, however, when I tried to export an updated copy tonight I keep getting the 'can't export' error. I've tried exporting it to multiple different folders on my computer, and to an external hard drive, but I can't get it to work. Freezes at about 50%. I need to send the file ASAP as part of a publishing proposal.
  3. I have a Publisher file that I've added page numbers to. For the first 19 pages, the page numbers work fine. On page 20 there is no number, but there is on 21. This repeats for the rest of the document (125 pages thus far), with every even page missing the number. Any ideas? Unfortunately I can't attach the file as it's over 1 GB.
  4. My toolbar somehow detached and won't reattach to the left side of the window. Any fixes? Have attached an image.
  5. Absolute legend dutchshader, you were spot on. Cheers for the help. Cheers to Lee D too for the reply.
  6. I'm in the process of drawing ~100 cards for a game I'm designing; all of my cards have a thin black border. In the middle of drawing a card yesterday the border suddenly expanded considerably outwards, and a strange white/grey border has appeared around the card. When I checked my existing files, they all had the exact same thing somehow happen even though they weren't open. The border is unselectable, doesn't show in layers and is always on top of everything no matter what I draw. I have no clue why this has happened. I've attached two pictures (one of the expanded black border, one showing the border staying over the top of a shape I drew). Cheers for anyone's help in advance.
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