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  1. I opened an old image from version 2.1.1 and made a new resized version at the exact same size. Nothing else was different. There were absolutely no other variables. There is something wrong with the Lanczos algorithm.
  2. In Affinity Photo 2.2 the resize with Lanczos Non-Separable output is significantly less crisp than the previous version of the software.
  3. I often use the same processing for many images -- typically in Photoshop I would have recorded an action to handle the processing. In Affinity Photo we have Macros but they do not record the 3rd party filters so they are effectively useless for the bulk of my processing workflow. I would like to see at the very least support for minimal recording of 3rd party filters -- even simply opening the plugin dialog (via macro) for the user would be more useful than what we have now. I am only using the Affinity Photo supported NIK Collection filters, so this should be doable.
  4. I'm really sad that I still cannot use this plugin on 32-bit images. It is necessary for it to work on a 32-bit image as it is a HDR image processor.
  5. I am using the excellent Nobe Color Remap plugin in Affinity Photo, which is a supported platform by the developer. As it stands now I have to enable "Allow "Unknown" plugins to be used" -- I would like the plugin to reclassified as "Working".
  6. I am interested in trying the Inalbeo Grade photoshop plugin but I have concerns about whether it works in Affinity Photo. Does anybody here have any experience with it?
  7. The U-point technology at the heart of the NIK plugins is pretty unique, so even if the same effects could be easily applied directly via AP adjustments I would still prefer my workflow in the NIK Collection. As for the zoom issue, yes, it always has worked that way in AP (and still does for me) however that is definitely not the way it is supposed to work. Not being able to see the entire image while color fine-tuning (the point of the plugin) makes the plugin all but useless in conjunction with AP. My current solution is to use another photo editor for my Viveza-based work in the meantime.
  8. I bought the new version, even though there are still some issues with the plugins in Affinity Photo (the biggest being the Viveza discoloration, which renders the plugin useless in AP). I have seen Mac users having more issues, so YMMV. My reasons for buying were twofold: 1) I get alot of use out of Analog Efex and Color Efex (which both work well for me in AP). 2) My request for better support for AP is much more meaningful to DxO as a paying customer, rather than just some random guy on the internet who might buy if they make changes.
  9. I'm on Windows 10 and all of the new DxO NIK Collection plugins work in my Affinity Photo, though you do have to enable the "Allow unknown plugins" checkbox under Edit>Preferences>Photoshop Plugins to see them all. I personally utilize the Analog Efex, Color Efex and Viveza plugins on nearly every image I process (mostly post-processing 3D renders) -- and while I really love the Silver Efex plugin, I just don't have much call to use it. HDR Efex is probably the one I use the least, even though my images usually start out in 32-bit... I just don't care for the tone-mapped results. If you check the forum there is a post asking for more Affinity support: https://feedback.dxo.com/t/nik-affinity-interoperability/3203 If you want to know what the plugins do (and how they work) check out the extensive YouTube tutorials.
  10. I can say I also have seen the same faceting issue in rapid curved strokes (using very simple brushes) -- which the stabilizing option has nothing to do with (and is not the solution for). This is true on both of my machines and with the latest beta as well.
  11. I would also like to see snapshots allow for macros and/or be exportable slices in the export persona.
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